Wall Painting Design Ideas

Interiors have the power to change the overall aesthetics of your home. Wall paintings make a major part of the interior, and are an inexpensive option to creatively decorate your room. Buzzle gives you some sample designs and ideas that will help give your room an entirely different look. Get inspired, and create your own wall designs.
Painting Cycle to Follow!
Plan Prepare Paint Cleanup Maintain.

Wall paintings are an integral part of interior painting, and a fun way to accentuate your room. While it may seem a cakewalk to choose and embed a design for your room, but a lot of thinking goes behind sporting a look that talks about your persona. The design should invite positivity and instill a sense of belonging. Remember, the designs are gonna stay with you till your next renovation bumps. There are a lot of unique designs that can help you enhance the look and the overall appearance of your room. You can even decorate your kids' room with cartoons and other similar themes.

Before adding any of the designs to the walls of your room, you must use a basic color. There are certain rules of applying paint to the walls, even if you are painting them as a part of wall art, and these are as under:
  • For decorating a room, painting it with proper paint is a good as well as inexpensive option.
  • The foremost thing to do is to buy paint and get the right equipment needed to paint the room.
  • Select the type of color―latex or oil based. Latex color on the walls is easy to apply as well as easy to clean with soap. Therefore, many people prefer the latex color. On the other hand, oil color must be applied with due care as it requires turpentine to clean it off from the skin.
  • The next step is to decide the finishing of the color. There are four types of finishing, viz., gloss, semi-gloss, flat finish, and satin finish.
  • Next, finalize the color and more importantly, the shade of the color.
  • For applying the color, the right equipment (brushes, rollers, etc.) must be used according to the type of paint to be applied.
Wall Painting Design Ideas

For the Living Room

tree design living room

living room wall design

bird wall living room

ring pattern living room

bird nest living room

Choose warm or happy colors for coating the base. For designs, you can embrace nature―showcase tree branches, birds, abstract versions of natural beings―all things elegant and peaceful. Simple stencils can be used over the base color to add a different angle. The theme that you choose for living rooms should be welcoming.

For the Toddlers' Room

jigsaw wall design kids' room

pink kids' room

rainbow wall kids' room

crayon wall kids' room

cloud and sun design kids' room

The designing ethics for children's room call for a lot of color and cute stuff. You can infuse their favorite animals, some game, rainbow, flowers, and what not! The best thing that we would suggest for painting walls of your toddler's room is to ask him/her about it. Kids know what they want. ;-)

For the Bedroom

bird wall design for beige bedroom

tree branch wall bedroom

yellow bedroom

elegant wall design bedroom

coconut wall design bedroom

When it comes to bedroom wall painting ideas, they often include faux painting technique to decorate the walls. Sponging the walls with the appropriate color can add a different look to the room.

Some More Samples

purple wall paint design sample

rock wall paint design sample

red geometric wall paint design sample

green wall paint design sample

Just let your creativity and imagination guide you to get the right modern wall painting designs! And of course, Internet is the ultimate savior! Your room says a lot about you, so make the most of it!