Wall Mounted Bookshelves

Shashank Nakate Oct 6, 2018
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The various wall mounted bookshelves products enlisted here include the regular designs that are mostly preferred and few innovative ones. These can help you save a huge amount of space and difficulties in sorting out books would no longer be an issue.
The information provided here is helpful in installing space-saving and easy to use structures for keeping books. There are many different types of designs of bookshelves available in the market. One could also build bookshelves at home if you are thinking of indulging in decorating the house.

Making a Simple Bookshelf

You need 2 pieces of wooden planks with a 4 feet length and 2 feet in width. The end pieces used for making this bookshelf need to be 2 feet wide. Both the screws and glue should be used to fix the end pieces firmly. A section of plywood should be cut and attached to the main frame to build this piece. The shelf can be painted to enhance its appearance.

Conceal Wall-Mount Bookshelves

The conceal wall-mount bookshelves are made of powder coated steel and have a unique structure. Unlike the regular book shelves, these are simple in design and get concealed beneath the pile of books. The maximum weight supported by this shelf is 10 lbs. This bookshelf is suitable for books with a depth between 6.5 and 9 inches.

Multipurpose One-Tier Book Shelf

This wall-mounted bookshelf is made of steel and has a powder-coated finish. It has just one tier and can be wall-mounted as well as placed on a desk. Black is the commonly available color in this product.

Helix Wall Mounted Bookshelves

This bookshelf has a ladder-like shape with the shelves made of oak veneer. The frames are made of iron and plated with nickel. Legs of this bookshelf have built-in levelers. The total number of shelves in this product are four.

Five-shelf Wall Mounted Bookshelf

In this shelf, books are placed in an upright position as opposed to the common way in which they are stacked one above the other.
The basic framework is made from hardwood while plexiglass holders allow for viewing the books easily. The height, width and depth of this wall-mounted bookshelf are 37 inch.,34 inch. and 7 inch. respectively.

Circle Wall Mounted Bookshelf

This bookshelf looks extremely attractive, owing to its unique design. This shelf looks more like a wheel having sections to keep books on the periphery. Plywood prepared from wenge stained oak is used to make this bookshelf.


It is a nice wall-mounted bookshelf with the shape of a house. Apart from books, other items such as cell phones, watches, keys, etc. can also be placed on this shelf. The small size makes it easier to manage for kids.

Some More Bookshelves Ideas

The wall mounted bookshelves, which can also be used as wall decor idea, help in arranging books properly and do not acquire floor space unnecessarily. The different designs of bookshelves provided, would help in choosing the suitable one as per your need.
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