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Wall Hanging Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Jan 6, 2019
Revamping your home, and need some wall hanging ideas to bring about the much-needed makeover? There's no need to sweat over that, here are some unique ideas for the same.
It's been going on in your mind for sometime now―you need to re-vamp your home! When you shifted here 5 years ago, the place just fell into being 'comfortable'. But now you want to re-vamp it to bring about the much-needed change.
Something that is a mix of your personality and style perhaps, and then blend it with what's new in the market. And therein lies the problem. Though you've done it all and zeroed in on the furniture and linen, the dull wall is driving you nuts! And it's only the wall decors that are eluding you.
Try as you may, nothing seems to either appeal or fit into your budget. With so many choices in the market, you don't really know what's to be done. You need some wall hanging ideas ASAP, and that is exactly what this information contains.

Inexpensive Ideas

'Inexpensive' being key here. Granted there are some great decors out there, but many times they end up being way beyond one's budget. We don't want that to happen, do we? So we've come up with some inexpensive ideas that you can use; and some of them you can even make on your own.

Straw Mats

Straw mats are smaller carpets but made of straw. These are extremely thin in width and people in some countries of the world (Read, the Middle East, India, Pakistan) use these to sit on instead of the floor.
These mats come in really, really bright colors, so there's an assorted choice galore. Other than that, they are really cheap. Choose a spot on the wall, and either drive screws in it to hang the mat or you could simply stick it with a strong two-way tape (but that might ruin the paint and the mat).
To give it an extra glamorous look, flash a spot light on it. You could change colors every couple of weeks and cleaning it is also no hassle―just use a wet cloth and give it a good wipe.

Ethnic Stores

Here's a great tip―if you have any local shops or thrift stores around your place which have a collection of artifacts from around the world―visit it today! You might be surprised at what you can find there.
Cloth paintings of Buddhist art or wooden frames of Indian gods, or even a Portuguese style villa painting, makes for great wall art. Scrounge around and you might end up finding some great pieces. Buy some of these depending on your budget.


Love a really good painting but can't buy it 'cause it's too expensive? Or love a picture but it's too small to fix it up on the wall? There's a way in which you can convert it into a wall hanging! Can you paint? Can't? No issues.
Find anyone who is great at drawings. It could be your cousin or neighbor or you could contact a student from a local art school. Then ask him/her to paint it for you. Although, it won't be as good as the original, it'll be close and much cheaper compared to the original one.

Nursery Time

Thinking of decorating your baby's nursery and bored of putting the same old Barney/Simba/Balloo posters up on the wall? Here are two of the best nursery wall hanging ideas―buy a cute little jumper and booties to match (these can be bought cheap or use one of the family hand-me-downs), then frame these up.
It's just right. Either that, or put up a framed picture of your baby. Another choice is to take the foot and hand imprints of your baby on a paper and frame these.

Fabric on the Wall

This idea has many levels to it. Just sift through your rags/old clothes and pull out some really bright tapestries, cut these up in small strips and sew these together onto a large rectangular piece and hang this up wherever it looks good. The best part about this is, you can choose the colors, design, and size of the wall hanging according to your choice.

Other Choices

There are some other choices that you can make for your wall:
  • Mirrors! Buy a lot of mirrors of different shapes and sizes (these you can buy very cheap) and put them up all around the wall.
  • Buy lot of bangles (glass, metal, plastic) in varied colors, tie them together to create a curtain and use it as a wall hanging in a strategic location. You can also stick the bangles to a colored chart and stick it up (simple and cheap).
  • Frame the whole wall with an assortment of picture frames from your life.
  • You can opt for an inexpensive metal wall art.
Now that you know what some of the easiest and most creative ideas for wall hangings are, you can go ahead and re-vamp the hell out of that dull wall.