Wall Decorations for Bathrooms

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 11, 2019
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One good way to make a bathroom look elegant and chic is by using various wall decorations. Wall decorations like murals, antique art work, or even a small clock can give the bathroom a fresh look.
No matter how expensive the tiles and bathroom fittings in your bathroom are, it can still look a little bare sans the requisite accesories that will help to give this room personality. Whether you choose to install a wall hanging, a fun painting, or even a stenciled wall art, make sure that the decorations match the d├ęcor and ambiance of your bathroom.
Although a mural of sea horses would look great in a kids' bathroom, it would not be suitable for a master bathroom. Here is how to decorate a bathroom using simple and elegant wall decorations.

Mirrors on the Wall

Hanging mirrors is one of the simplest ways to decorate the walls of a bathroom. Hanging the utilitarian mirror in front of the sink will not work; but hanging beautiful mirrors with antique frames in metals like bronze and steel on the wall will.
Ornamental mirrors in different shapes and sizes when hung on a wall of a bathroom can impart a chic and sophisticated look. Avoid using cheap plastic-framed mirrors for this project. Mirrors with scalloped edges, filigree detailed frames, and frames with sequins and beads all work well as wall decorations.
When grouping different sized mirrors, you need not aim for symmetry, as grouping unsymmetrical and different shaped mirrors will give a more interesting and dramatic look. For the best results, paint the bathroom wall on which you are going to hang the mirrors in a deep earthy hue, like terracotta, tan, or rust.

Wallpaper as Wall Art

If you have scraps of wallpaper, then cut them in a rectangular or square shapes and frame them with beautiful metal frame to be used as modern wall decors.
Hang this on one of the walls of your bathroom where you can enjoy the beautiful pattern. Alternatively, you can even frame a piece of patterned fabric or maybe a favorite piece of tapestry on the wall. Bathroom wall decor like these are easy to create even on a budget.

Mismatched China Plate

Who said that you need to spend a ton to decorate a bathroom? You may have a lot of unusable China because you broke one from the set. Now you can make use of these by using them as wall decorations for the bathroom. Arrange all the plates that you have with you and group them together to make a nice arrangement that is pleasing to the eye.
A good way to group these plates would be to use the most detailed and dramatic plate in the center, and then use smaller and plain-looking plates around it. Creating a focal point in this way makes the arrangement look more polished and put together. Attach these plates on the wall of the bathroom by using industrial strength glue.

Abstract Wall Painting

There is nothing classier than hanging a beautiful piece of art in the bathroom.
Since bathrooms can be damp, frame inexpensive but colorful pieces of art. Large abstract paintings in vibrant and rich colors enhance the look of a black and white minimalistic bathroom.
If abstract paintings are not your thing, then choose some other wall art like a seascape or landscape. Grouping together three or four smaller paintings and hanging them vertically on a wall also works well in a bathroom.

Stenciled Wall

If you are looking for a quick way to update the look of your bathroom, then opt for a stenciled border on the walls. Place a simple stencil over the wall surface of the bathroom and start dabbing a paint-soaked sponge over it. Gently remove the stencil once the paint is semi-dry and shift the stencil forward.
Use stencils to dress up one of the walls of the bathroom, or create a border along the top edges of the walls. You can also make your own stencils by taking inspiration from your favorite fabric patterns. Stenciling walls is not a difficult project, and you can complete this project over a weekend.
Wall decorations for bathrooms should be such that they enhance the ambiance of the bathroom and make it look sophisticated and classy. Bare walls devoid of any decorations are not pretty, so dress up your bathroom walls with beautiful decorations.
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