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Wall Decorating Ideas

Parul Solanki Dec 5, 2018
Using great wall décor for your home can help you transform and liven up the stark boring walls, and add a touch of beauty and warmth to your home. Read on to know more about wall decoration ideas.
Wall décor can transform the bare walls of your house into a visual delight, while adding substantial personality and character to your walls. Most people are so intent on finding the right color of curtains and bed covers that they completely forget to decorate the walls tastefully.
This results in a room with stark white walls which look bland and pretty uninviting. With these fabulous wall decorating ideas, your walls will stop serving as just a dull backdrop and instead, transform into a space which reflects your imagination and creativity.

Great Wall Decoration Ideas

The first thing that comes to mind when you say wall decorations are the wall frames and the photographs. There are a lot of other wall decor ideas that you can use to spruce up bland walls. While choosing the décor for the living room or the bedroom, you need to consider following things.
  • Room type
  • Wall space
  • Color scheme
  • Style of the room
  • Theme, if any

Wall Painting

This is the most obvious and easiest ways of bringing a room together. Rather than sticking to the boring old whites or the dull pastel shades, add a touch of vibrancy to your room with a rich red, a vibrant orange, or even a royal purple.
These not only brighten the room instantly, but also serve as an excellent background for all your beautiful artwork and decorative pieces. You can also opt for texture or faux painting that can make the wall stand out and become a definite point of interest in your home.
Make sure that your walls are not chipped or dented as the cracks can show up easily in that case. Refinish your walls before giving it a glossy touch of paint.


Wallpapers can add color and texture to the walls. There are a range of wallpaper designs from antique, art deco, texture, and printed.
Texture wallpapers are the rage of the season with embossed, slightly raised edges, and ridges on the wallpaper surface. These textured wallpapers are a great way of adding depth and an interesting focal point to the room.


Light colored and textured fabrics can add a touch of warmth to even the blandest of walls. The top of the silk and cotton fabrics can be pleated and tacked to the wall so that it covers the entire surface. You can then tack the bottom layer of the fabric. Framed fabrics and even rugs can serve as nice decorative accents for your wall.

Wall Art

Metal wall art, framed photographs, or painted canvases are beautiful ways of decorating the walls. For the metal pieces, you do not need to spend a fortune. Instead, pick up some cheap but classy wrought iron wall decor and metal accents from the local flea market.
Multiple objects grouped together can create a striking statement. So you can group an odd number of photographed frames and hang them at unusual angles. You can also mix and match random letters and words on a wall in such a way that they looked quite interesting, unusual and funny.
So, do not just stick to the framed canvas pieces instead, explore some great wall hanging ideas such as record sleeves, funny wall clocks, African wicker baskets, colorful plates, or even a wall mural up in your room!


Who said shelves are boring pieces of woodwork that are needed to store things? You can have designs like the Mediterranean wrought iron shelves which look quite great. You can place the plain shelves in such a way that you can put all your great collectibles on it.
Choosing the décor for your house can be a fun affair when you start experimenting with unusual items. After all, your walls are not just a backdrop for your furniture, but are an expression of your tastes, values, and your way of life. So use these ideas to liven up your walls and add some a sense of warmth to your home.