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Wall Color Schemes

Wall Color Schemes

Wondering, what all are the different color schemes, that you can use to paint the house? Read on, to discover various interesting interior color themes.
Pragya T
"Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. Just as one can never learn how to paint." - Pablo Picasso

This quote tells us about the magic that happens when two colors are put together. Different colors produce different moods. Understanding, about room colors and moods can greatly help you pick a proper scheme. For example, soothing colors for bedroom, bright colors for the kitchen, and inviting colors for a living room. So, it is important that you pick the appropriate colors, according to each room to create a beautiful interior and exteriors.

Different Wall Color Schemes Ideas

This is a classic color combination that goes for all the places. It is great as exterior and interior wall color. You can paint this combination for bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen or office. However, this interior paint combination is most popular as bedroom wall color themes. Either you can keep 70% white walls and 30% green walls or reverse this order.

This is a bright color combination, which makes it suitable for many places. To use these wall colors for bedrooms, you can paint the bedroom mostly white and few trims and edges of the walls with yellow. For living rooms, you can pick a sunshine yellow, and paint most of the walls yellow, and trims white, to balance the yellow.

If you have a smaller kitchen, then these two kitchen colors are perfect. Aqua walls, with some white paint touch here and there on the walls will make the kitchen space look bigger and brighter. Glassware displayed here and there, will enhance the kitchen wall color scheme.

This is one of the most used combination, when it comes to painting a girl's room. However, many people seem to be bored with this combination, as it gives a typical look. But, with some dark shades of pink, and wall stencil ideas using butterflies you can make this combination look different.

Gray Monochromatic Scheme
Monochromatic theme of blue and gray is very popular, and ideal for smaller spaces whether it comes to kitchen, bathroom, living or bedroom wall color ideas. However, if you want to create an elegant and modern looking interior space then pick this color. Dark gray and black when combined, can make a bathroom and living room space look elegant. With some steel bathroom accessories or black gadgets with gray wall colors for living room can make your interior look elegant and sophisticated. You can also try this interior paint color and idea. For living room wall color theme, paint three walls light gray, one wall black, on this wall paint colorful blobs.

This color combination is very 'in' for modern kitchens. Purple walls, with some black accents will look great. You can also add black appliances in the kitchen, to match this theme.

This an unusual wall color combination, but when used properly, can create a great looking effect. Take light shades of blue and yellow, and use them to paint walls. Paint three walls with light yellow, and one wall behind the bed, in yellow and blue vertical thick stripes.

If you are thinking of painting a teen girl's room, then this combination is a good idea. A dark smart pink shade, combined with black will bring elegance and the girl touch to the room. Use 70% pink and 30% black combination.

This is another shade for interior painting which brings sophistication to a room. You can paint a deep red shade for the walls, and add accents of black color. Or some wall art designs can also make this combination look great. This color is suitable for living room, and a master bedroom.

So, pick the appropriate shades of the color combination, for individual rooms, and enjoy great looking interiors and exteriors.