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Wall Color Combinations

Wall Color Combinations
Need ideas on wall color combinations? There's no need for you to be confused any more. Scroll down to find out a few guidelines in choosing the best combos and contrasts to make your room look attractive and trendy.
Mamta Mule
Deciding the paint colors for the walls is one of the primary tasks while working on interior design. Preferences, likes, and dislikes of each family member can lead to a lot of confusion. Finalizing a shade combination or contrast scheme is no doubt a confusing, but fun filled task. If you are one of those still wondering about the right shades and combinations, then this article is sure to help you. With these tips, you can splash the right colors on your walls.

Choosing the Right Color Combination

There are a few things mentioned in the following points, that you need to consider while choosing the paint scheme.
  • Firstly, using light shades is essential for smaller rooms to make them look spacious.
  • Using contrasting colors makes the rooms appear larger.
  • Using darker shades for the ceiling is a great option in case the room has a good height.
  • If you want to highlight the home decor pieces, make sure you keep the walls subtle.
  • If you want to have a spacious looking area, use matching paint colors for the walls and furniture.
  • To highlight only the walls, keep the furniture in a neutral shade.
  • To highlight a specific wall, paint it in a vibrant shade, much darker the rest of the walls.
  • Do consider the function of the room before deciding the paint colors. Highly vibrant shades can be the best for game rooms, but not for dining rooms.
  • Choosing the paint according to the mood you want to create is the best idea. Red is a great choice for bedrooms, it is popular for creating a romantic mood. Sage and ivory are best for creating a calm mood.
Combinations that Look Good

You can consider the following color combinations for your rooms, depending on the function of the room and the ambiance you want to create.
  • For a soft look, you can consider a lovely mix of ivory and sage.
  • A combo of lightest yellow and sage is also a good pick to create a calm ambiance.
  • Olive green and a tone of yellow is a good choice to revamp your interiors.
  • You could opt for gray and white, metallic silver and white, gray and lemon yellow, gray and ocher, brown and beige, brown and ivory, etc. for the living room.
  • Brown is best to be picked if you have a lot of rustic home decor.
  • Gray is the best for a living room that gives a royal look to your interiors. Moreover, you can easily have complementing furniture for the grays. Like red, maroon, white, black, yellow, blue, purple; all these hues rightly complement gray.
  • You can have your favorite colors paired with contrasting bright or neutral shades to make the best combos for bedrooms. If violet is what you love to see, get it paired with gray and white. You can also go for a lively combo of dark lavender and bright sage.
  • If you want to paint your bedroom in red, pair it with gray, pale ivory, green, chrome yellow, light cream, or white.
  • You can pair pink with lavender, grape, or sky blue.
  • Those who like blue can consider using gray or green shades.
You can also check out the samples of wall color combinations online. Make sure that the shades on the walls blend well with the furniture, ceiling, and the carpet. With these tips and ideas, get ready to paint your walls in classy shades and give your interiors a perfect touch of colors.
Elegant bedroom
Brown living room with led TV
Elegant living room with white brick background fireplace