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Walk in Shower With Bench

Walk in Shower With Bench
There are a few things to consider while designing a walk in shower with bench. Apart from the benefits of adding a bench, you must also understand the basics of its placement. Here's more about the same.
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Walk in showers can be a great addition to a bathroom which is spacious. These have a grand feel as compared to the compact shower enclosures or shower stalls. While you work on their design, you need to consider various factors like its layout, accessories and other design elements. Many individuals consider adding a bench to the shower space. A bench is not only an essential part of steam showers, but a great addition to any type of shower space.
Shower benches offer a space to sit and relax while taking a shower. This can be most useful while you are taking a shower after a tiring day. Moreover, there is no other bathroom shower furniture, as useful as a bench while shaving your legs. Benches offer a good platform to place various items and essentials while you do not use them for sitting. Here's more about designing a walk in shower with bench.
Shower Designs with Bench
While adding a bench, you need to consider the amount of space which can be dedicated for the same. As you dedicate enough space for the shower enclosure, you get to explore more options in benches while adding one to this area. Like, you can pick a long bench having a wide surface to sit on and relax. You can choose the design after considering the placement of bench.
While some have it attached to one of the shower walls, others prefer to install it in a corner. Corner benches are suitable for compact shower spaces. Moreover, you must consider whether you will be placing it at the center of the wall, or extend it from one wall to another. It is a good idea to have the shower panel accessible from the bench. So, while one sits on the bench, he/she must be able to comfortably reach the knobs and fixtures of the shower.
The primary thing that you need to decide on is its material. Teak shower benches are extremely popular as they impart an elegant look to the space. You can go for benches which are made of other materials as well. The bench should be such that it does not get damaged due to water, and also complements the shower decor. You can add a bench which has back support, or pick one which does not have any back support.
Nowadays, you can also find shower benches with cushioning. You could also have a wall attached bench in a foldable pattern. You can choose to have a bench which is an extension of the shower wall and features the same tiling on top and sides. While opting for a tiled bench, there are plenty of ways to spice up the bench and hence, the entire shower space. The bench can be tiled using contrast colored tiles, or a set of gracious glass tiles.
The dimensions of the shower enclosure play a major role in choice of a shower bench. You must also consider placement of other shower furniture like rods, cabinets (if any) while deciding the placement of bench and choosing its design. Having a low stool placed below the bench can add to the seating comfort of shorter individuals while they use this bench.
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