Walk-In Shower Tile Designs

Mamta Mule Dec 23, 2018
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With some unique tile designs you can add spice to your boring shower area. With correct type and pattern of tiles, get ready to rework your walk-in shower, and give it a refreshing look.
A walk-in shower is the ultimate additions to your bathrooms. These showers are commonly in-level with the rest of the bathroom, which makes them look spacious as compared to the ready-made shower stalls.
When you have a large area to create a private shower space, walk-in showers remain the best choice. These can be customized according to your needs, and involve less expenses than ordering ready-made shower enclosures.
With walk-in showers, you can add each element to suit your tastes and fulfill your requirements. Tiles are among the primary decor elements, which make a great impact on the appearance of the entire shower area.

Tiling Your Walk-in Shower Space

Simple and Elegant

If you are one of those, who will love to have a simple, yet elegant shower space, then this design is for you. You can opt for the same tiles that are used for your bathroom flooring, to maintain uniformity.
Also, you can use the same type of tiles in a lighter shade for the shower area. Another option is to use tiles in same color as those used for the bathroom, but of a higher quality. For instance, if your bathroom has marble tiles, use tiles made of granite for the shower space.
You can have a dual color effect with different colors for flooring and walls. Neutral and earthy tones give an elegant look.

Colors and Patterns

Various tile patterns can be used to create designer flooring even with a single type of tile used all over. There are a number of patterns, in which, the tiles can be installed to create designer tiled flooring and walls.
Checkerboard, crisscross, brickwork, basket weave, mini grid, and many more designs can be considered to do so. While creating these designs, you can have a dual tone or monochromatic effect. Also, tiles of more than one type in the same color base can be used, if required.
A border pattern with mini mosaics or small squares of marble tiles done over the flooring and wall to create a bold border is one of the best options for tiling. In-between, you can place large marble or granite tiles.

The Grand Effect

If you want a grand shower design, choose from the plush variety of tiles. Glass tiles are one of the options, which can be used to create exclusive designs.
Glass tiles are expensive, yet most desired for the classy look they impart to the walls and flooring. Pick the right colors, designs, and sizes, and tile up the shower walls. You can further add a light tone glass flooring for this area, and create a lively shower space.
Creating the best shower designs for small or large bathrooms is easy, with just the right tiling and luxurious shower fixtures.
Instead of following the rules of interior designing, think something different and out-of-the-box, which will give you a unique and extremely attractive design for your shower area.
How about having a pebble ingrained wall and frosted glass doors? Slate tiles fixed randomly on three walls and a semi-frosted glass door is among the most creative tiling ideas for a walk-in shower.
While planning the design, it is essential to check out all the options available in terms of types of tiles and colors in each type. 'Slip-resistant' is a key factor you must look out for while choosing the tiles.
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