Walk In Shower Stalls

Aparna Jadhav Dec 18, 2018
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Walk in shower stalls are an elegant arrangement for showers. These stalls are made of many materials and add class to the bathroom decor, take a look how.
Walk in shower stalls and enclosures are cabinets made out of glass, wood, or concrete where there are all the provisions for bathing. They are simple glass cabinets which have a shower head with or without shower curtains.
They are very convenient for maintenance and cleaning. They are like any other shower area in a bathroom, except the glass cabinet. These shower enclosures give your bathroom a beautiful and organized look, as the bathing area is separated from the dressing area.
Many people who like the idea of modern bathrooms are going for these shower stalls to save space and money.

The Design

Let's find out the basic things required in a walk in shower stall. A shower stall has one or many shower heads or a hand shower, hooks and holders around the stall for clothes and towels, and a slot for body washes, shampoos, and soaps.
They are usually built in any corner of the bathroom. The two sides of this cabinet are made with materials like glass, bricks, or fiber and the other two sides are usually the bathroom wall as it is placed in the corners.

Glass Shower Stalls

These are the most commonly used walk in shower designs in the market. Glass has a unique look to it, which changes the entire look of the bathroom. Various glass designs come in beautiful colors and paints which you can use to match your bathroom decor.
You can have shower stalls with or without doors (usually sliding). There are innumerable designs of glass stalls you can choose from to build your walk in showers, like: Glass blocks, frosted glass (plain or blocks), colored or stained glass, etched glass designs (plain or blocks).

Wooden and Tiled Shower Stalls

Other materials like wood and concrete tiles can be used to make these stalls. Though these materials don't give a similar effect like glass, they look unique as walk in shower stalls.
Tiles made in different shapes, sizes, and colors can also be used while designing the bathroom decor to match with the bathroom.
You can cover 3 walls with tiles and one side with block glass. This looks like a bay window made into a shower stall and you can also accessorize the stall.
Wood is mainly used only on one side of the stall, as mildew can cause swelling and fungal infections on it. Hence, it is usually used for decorative purposes, not otherwise.

Accessories for Shower Stalls

Bathroom accessories for walk in shower stalls are a bit different. You can have a very comfortable shower seat. Shower niches that provide you the space to keep your soaps and shampoos are also of great help when you are in a hurry.
Shower drains should also be chosen in the right manner as they are the basic necessity for any shower area. Other accessories used in bathroom designs can be stylish holders, windows (if needed), and also extra places to keep candles and other decorative items.
With so many ideas, you will have a tough decision to make. You can also come up with your own designs and ideas for stall arrangements and accessories, but make sure you give your bathroom a stylish, yet relaxing look.
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