Walk-in Shower Ideas

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Sep 23, 2018
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Looking for walk-in shower ideas to get some required privacy while having a bath. Read on to know how to make an ideal use of your shower space.
Whether you are planning to remodel your shower area or an entire new bathroom, a walk-in shower never fails to enhance the beauty of the bathroom. Such a space provides plenty of room and privacy at the same time.
People who prefer natural light in their bathrooms can add small windows which have opaque glasses. You can also opt for a full shower door with opaque glass which is also a good option for providing privacy.


When considering the design for your walk-in shower, it is essential to take care of privacy, space and at the same time enjoy a wonderful bathing experience.

Spa Bathroom Shower

If you have a large bathroom try to plan a clear glass shower enclosure which is furnished with multiple body sprays and a limestone bench. You can have a glass window which fills your bathroom with natural light.
For flooring and walls you can opt for brown mosaic tiles which are divided by a border of black tile. Make sure to have a wall niche which is useful for bathing products.

Corner Shower:

A corner shower suits well if you have a big bathroom. A clear glass door and beautifully glass covered windows make the bathroom area brightly lit. 
For bathroom decor have a built-in bench, a wall niche for all your pampering products and a shower enclosure for privacy. The shower area should fit in the corner giving you enough space for having your perfect bath. Choose light-colored tiles and make sure they match the curtains to create your own spa effect.

Limestone Tile Shower

It is old school but classic. There are many showering taps in limestone tile shower showcase. 
A brown stool in the bathroom with some light bathroom designs on the wall are added attractions which gives it a soothing effect. A wall separates the shower from the bathtub.

Door-less Shower

Door-less showers come with an adjustable height. You can use a rain shower to have a dripping bath experience. Choose different color mosaic tiles to make it the most beautiful part of your home. 
Select themed square tiles to add a different pairing of tiles, and square sinks for bathroom flooring. You can also place some plants to add a natural effect to your bathroom.

Private Getaway

A walk-in shower enclosure can sometimes give you the privacy you need even in a crowded home. Have a shower tile bench which can be used for seating and dreaming.
For shower tiles use white with gray and blue effects to complement the bathroom's color. You can use natural variations like these to add style and a different effect to your bathroom.

Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas

Doorless showers are designed to add that extra space to your bathroom without having glass and walls. The reason this concept is getting popular is because of the wet room or spa effect that it provides to the bathroom. However, you must keep the following points in mind so that your shower turns out just the way it is supposed to be.
  • Shower heads and drainage are the two main aspects of door-less showers which need good engineering.
  • Make sure your shower is placed away from the wall niche or any wooden bathroom cabinets that are there in your bathroom. Your bathroom floor should funnel the water below the shower area to avoid a flood.
  • Walk-in showers are generally wet areas. So make sure the wall and floor are covered with ceramic tiles, stone, teak wood or some waterproof solution so that moisture from the water doesn't penetrate through the walls and ceiling.
  • Since these shower areas need detailed plumbing and engineering it might cost you more. If you are planning to have door-less shower this might save you some money. But you have to make sure that construction is done by a professional who knows and understands good drainage and wet room engineering.
  • A door-less shower is a good option for elderly people and children. Make sure you never make a raised floor tray under the shower. If you do it you will spoil the concept of a door-less shower.
Walk-in shower is an expensive, yet fashionable investment that makes your bathroom look like one in a million.