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Numerous Walk-in Shower Designs With Variegated Hues

Walk-In Shower Designs
Remodeling your bathroom? Consider installing a walk- in shower to for a sleek look. Rusty, bulky, and oversize bathtubs are a thing of the past. Nowadays, feasible and practical bathroom walk-in showers are gaining popularity. Walk-in showers are best suited not only for houses with small bathrooms, but can also look equally elegant and classy in large areas since they give all types of bathrooms the contemporary look a homemaker wishes for.
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Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018
You should never get a feeling of making an instant exit once you enter your bathroom, and for that give it a good thought of how you're remodeling your shower area. Walk-in showers, are a perfect choice for people who like their bathrooms spacious. These showers give your bathroom an extra space catering to all bathroom shapes. The array of designs available today help you in utilizing the shower space in your bathroom to the optimum level.

Having a shower that one can walk right into appeals customers more than the over sized soaking tubs. These showers come with options such as the ones without doors, frame less enclosures with glass, block glass or opaque walls, and having elaborate framework. Let's take a look at some designs that may help you with your decision.
With a neon splash
Dividing your bathroom with a dash of only one color always works wonders. Here, a single door separates the shower from remaining area. In this design it is visible how one or two elements help the shower to stand out. A bright hue of orange on a matte black background does the trick to achieve a minimalist contemporary look.
Going Pastel
A curved or semi-circular walk-in shower is perfect to use up a corner of your bathroom which would otherwise go waste. Giving it a mixed tile effect of colors of your choice will give the entire area a spacious look. Usually, the preferred colors are shades of white as they reflect natural light creating an illusion of space. The glass doors of the shower also help in giving a wide look.
The Light Effect
A semi-transparent shower cubicle with LED light at the base makes for a perfect modern bathroom. Constructed on a slight elevation, with an opaque wall running almost till the roof and a steel-gray finish covering the remaining sides, the hint of blue-neon light display stands out firmly even if the other elements in the shower are kept minimal. The monochrome look of the bathroom aids well in highlighting the unique display the shower offers.
For the Contemporary Look
The shower cubicle in the above image is kept simple with no striking features, yet a simple white partition dividing the shower from the rest of the room is sufficient in making it a personalized haven. The corner space of the bathroom has been utilized to the fullest, not extending all the way to the ceiling.
Monochrome Tones
Monochrome shades again work in this design with a corner cubicle fitting perfectly, and not over powering the bathroom. The clear-glass enclosure in white tiles, with a showerhead and a handlehead unit provide a perfect niche for rejuvenation. Mounted metal baskets within the shower area serve as an ideal storage for bathing products.
Tiled Patterns
The most prominent feature of this bathroom is the color of the tiles. The shower gets perfectly camouflaged in the backdrop of the bright red shade of the tile pattern. Again, a clear-glass serves the purpose of providing an unobstructed view to accentuate the color palette of the entire area. The tiles can be replaced with a mosaic of stone as the focal point which will make the shower area stand out.
The Modern Edge
Cubicle with a defined metal border and absence of a door is one of the many elements that stand out in this design. The slight depression in the shower area with mosaic of colored tiles within the white diagonally shaped and comparatively larger ones is an excellent addition to the shower design. The pattern helps in distinguishing the shower from other amenities.
Doorless Transition
Shades of purple over a bold texture of wood is the highlight of this shower design. The basic shower amenities stay simple with a traditional wall-mounted showerhead and a bench seat serving as an ideal spot for unwinding. This is yet another design for a doorless shower which appears to be a seamless transition from the bathroom to the shower enclosure.
Nowadays, the designs are accompanied by advanced shower technology where you can monitor the water temperature and adjust the water flow when other appliances that require water are in use. Different light effect and music are also in vogue with luxury showers.
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