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Walk-in Bathtubs for Seniors

Walk-in Bathtubs for Seniors

Have you checked out the walk-in bathtubs available for the elderly? They offer the most convenient and relaxing bathing experience to the seniors. This DecorDezine article offers you some valuable information about these unique and innovative bathroom equipment, specifically designed for older people.
Mamta Mule
Senior man in bath washing himself smiling
Bathtubs are among the most luxurious accents in the bathrooms. What can be more relaxing than soaking in a bathtub with a soft music playing in the background? The basic concept of these compact walk-in bathtubs is no different than that of the walk-in showers. You don't need to step up or step in these tubs, but simply walk in by opening the door either inward or outward.

The door is just a few inches from the floor, low enough to enable one to easily walk in and out. No need to mention that the doors are water-tight so as to block the water inside the tub. Other features include, arrangement for seating and easily accessible faucet knobs. Many varieties also consist of hand-held shower and shower jets fixed on the tub walls.

Things to Consider

These tubs usually have all those features that offer optimum convenience of use for the seniors. However, you need to check a few things to ensure the same. The outward swinging door offers more ease of walking in and out of the bathtub. On the contrary, with the inward swinging door, you would need to get in and then adjust yourself to close the door due to the compact size of the tub. However, the inward swinging doors are known to be more water-tight than their counterparts.

Another thing to consider while purchasing these tubs is the seating arrangement. The seat needs to be higher than the regular one, which offers more convenience to disabled individuals. The raised seat ensures safer transfer of the person from wheelchair to the tub and back again. The fixtures and knobs must be reachable even while seating.

Additional Features

With the rise in demand, you can find a lot of pieces that are shower tub combos. With a walk-in bathtub installed in a corner you can add a shower curtain, and fix shower fixers on the wall, which will create an ultimate combo that the elderly can enjoy according to their choice.

Make sure that the way to the tub is always kept dry, and the flooring is made of slip-resistant tiles. Also, have easily accessible shelves around to place the toiletries. Don't forget to add a relaxing soft fragrance and personalize the space.

Though used widely, these bathtubs are especially designed according to the requirements of disabled and senior individuals. These provide a comfortable soaking space, which is why, they are already a hit in the market. Also, with the increase in demand, you can find many creative designs launched for enhanced convenience and comfort. Do a good research before hitting the market and buying the most luxurious and comfortable bathtub for the senior member of your family.