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Your Guide to Virtual Interior Painting

Mayuri Kulkarni Dec 3, 2018
Choosing colors for the interiors is a confusing job while renovating a new house. Imagining how the colors will look on the walls, furniture, and other interior is difficult. Virtual painting makes choosing the colors easy. Let's see what virtual interior painting is and how you can use it for your home.
Whenever one has to remodel, renovate, or construct a new house, the task that leads to confusion is choosing the colors for the interiors. The interiors include the furniture, walls, ceilings, staircases, curtains, and many other elements.
With a large variety of colors available, the process of deciding the colors is quite exhaustive and does not give a confirmed result until the colors are actually implemented.
Previously, one had to visit the nearby stores to get the samples of the colors, and had to visualize how the colors will complement each other. This did not give a clear picture of the interior.
The confusion of choosing the colors is now solved with the introduction of virtual interior painting. It allows you to get a preview of the inside of your home and gives you an exact idea of how it will look with the colors you have chosen. All you have to do is to click on the required color for the needed element.
Virtual painting is done with the help of websites that allow you to upload the photographs of your home, or you can use a photograph available on the website, and choose the colors for the different elements. There are a number of websites available on the Internet that can help you.
Before you choose the colors there are certain factors that you have to keep in mind. Read the name of the colors/paints mentioned on the website carefully. Check out the warnings and precautionary steps mentioned on the website.
The paint looks different when actually implemented because the tone and depth of the paint is different on a monitor screen. Even the monitor resolution and the quality of your monitor will make the paint look different.
You may need to register yourself on the website before utilizing their services. Some websites allow you to choose the colors by either uploading a photo of your home or by using a photo from the website gallery.
If you do not want to use the photo from the gallery or do not have a photo to upload, you can just surf the Internet and choose the photograph that resembles your home. Once you upload the photograph, you have to click on each of your interior elements, like the couch, curtains, walls, etc. and choose the required color from the color pallet.
In some websites, you can choose different rooms of your house, like the dining room, living room, and kitchen, and then select the paint required. Once you choose the room, you have to choose the part of the room to be painted.
Select from the drop down list, like ceiling, wall, floor, etc., then select the color of your choice, and drag the color to the required area. Some websites provide different videos on how to paint the room. These help you to know different types of painting techniques.
On some websites, you have to choose the color before you choose the room and get to view what the color will look like. You need to browse through different colors and choose a group of colors that you would like a room to be painted in.
Then, you get to view how the colors look together, and then you get to select the room. You can further modify the color combinations and preview how your room will look with the paints selected.
Every virtual painting website has a different software and mechanism, each of which is user-friendly and will guide you through the whole process of selecting and previewing the colors. You can even download some of the software and use them whenever needed.
So, go ahead and surf on the Internet for these websites, and get rid of the confusion of selecting colors and improve the home decor.