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17 Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Vinyl Siding Color Combination

Vinyl Siding Color Combinations
Want a new look for the exterior of your home? Why not try vinyl siding? Vinyl siding lasts for minimum 5 to 6 years, requires ZERO maintenance and hence, helps in saving money.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Veneer was the chosen material to redo the exterior walls of houses previously. But the drawback with veneer is, it flakes and rots early. Vinyl, however, is durable and does not flake or rot. It is also unaffected by sun, cold, salt, and snow, and is a long-lasting siding. Maintaining and cleaning the vinyl siding is also a simple task. Vinyl is actually a form of plastic made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly referred to as PVC. It lends a completely new look to the house. The latest find in vinyl siding is vertical vinyl siding. Some of the brands of vinyl sidings are Journeymen Select, Revere Sovereign Select, etc.
There is a wide spectrum of colors one can choose vinyl siding from. If you are of the opinion, that the exteriors get bad very soon, then you can opt for vinyl in darker tones. Some of the colors include dark greens, deep blues, darker earth tones, etc. However, if you stay in an area, where the summer temperatures are always on the higher side, then you will rather want to choose the lighter hues. Choosing a vinyl siding color is rather easier, for there are easily more than hundreds of shades of vinyl available in the market. Previously people stuck to using tan, beige and white color, however, the trend has changed over the last few years and people are experimenting a lot more with other colors as well.
Tips for Choosing Vinyl Siding Color Combinations
♦ Choose a vinyl siding color which will add to the beauty of your house. Try to choose a color which blends with the neighboring houses. A color lighter or darker by a shade or two, can be chosen.

♦ If green or blue color compliments the surrounding you reside in, do not hesitate to use it as the color combination for your house.
♦ You can choose complementary colors for the windows, doors and shutters. In case, the vinyl siding color is dark and a light color is chosen for windows, doors and shutters, they may spoil the look of the house, when they fade.

♦ It is not advisable to have too many colors on the structure. The siding color combinations should not lend a jarring effect on the structure. Try to keep the look of the house simple.
♦ A light or a pastel color would make the house look bigger, while a darker shade would make it look smaller. Choose vinyl siding color combinations depending upon the look you desire for your house.

♦ If you are looking for a new roof, then the color combination should be chosen to match the walls, doors and windows.

♦ While choosing vinyl siding colors, remember to coordinate it with the porch color. You can opt for a natural look for the porch, based on your taste and the siding color.
♦ While choosing a color combination, taking the structure of the house into consideration is important. There are certain combination, which do not go well with certain structure. For example, choosing a flashy color will not suit a Victorian house.
Here is a small color palette from which you can choose a color combination, which suits your taste. This is just a simple example of what might be available in the market. Therefore, it is best to conduct a survey, then decide the right vinyl siding combination for your house.
Color Swatch
General Tips for Choosing Vinyl Siding Colors
♦ Vinyl siding paint is said to be very durable. Therefore, choose a color which you will not get easily bored with.

♦ Always look at the sample piece of the vinyl siding that you have chosen from the brochure. There can be a difference in the actual color and the brochure color. Check the sample piece in natural daylight, as the vinyl siding is going to be on the exterior part of the house.
♦ You will want to take a look at the vinyl shading during different times of the day as well. They tend to look different at different times. Therefore, there is a chance that you may like it during the day, but not like it in the evenings.

♦ If you want to give the house a different visual effect, adding color trim is an option to be considered
♦ If you are hiring a contractor for installing vinyl siding, it is always advisable to have a look at the portfolio of the previous works of the contractor.

♦ The vinyl siding colors are baked into the panel. Therefore, depending on the quality of the material, the cost of the sidings differ. It is suggested to choose the best color within the available budget.
♦ Companies offer different warranty on different products, therefore, it is best to choose in accordance with the warranty and the cost of the product.

♦ Before deciding on the contractor and the color of vinyl siding, it is best to check the portfolio of the contractor, just to ensure your house gets the color, which is according to your taste.
A last tip before you go about choosing is to take the fade warranty of the vinyl into consideration, so that you do not end up spending a huge amount and repenting later on. Let's start right away and give a new and a long-lasting look to our home with the best vinyl siding color combination.