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Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Read These Instructions and Install Vinyl Sheet Flooring Like a Pro

Vinyl sheet flooring is inexpensive, durable, and looks attractive in various areas of the house. If you are searching for instructions to install this type of flooring, keep reading the article...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Without spending a lot of money on installing new flooring in your home, you can make use of vinyl flooring. By covering the surface, these sheets work like wallpaper for the floors. Besides giving it an aesthetic appeal to your home, it helps keep the task of cleaning and maintaining it at minimum.
Installing the Flooring
Before we get to the necessary steps, we will first need to ready the area. Remove and clean the sub-floor before the installation process begins. You need to be sure there is no debris, dirt, or grease on the floor. Once you do this, follow the instructions mentioned below.
Step #1 - Pull out the old flooring, and remove any trim which is at the base of the walls. This way, when you are installing the new flooring, you can do so easily and without stopping to take care of it later on. Clear the area, and remove any old glue which may have been left from the previous flooring.
Step #2 - Take measurements of the floor which has to be installed with this flooring. While purchasing the sheet, make sure you get extra sheets so that if any errors occur during or after the installation, you can rectify them. Also, along with the sheets, purchase epoxy, floor roller, a utility knife, straightedge knife, caulking gun, marker, trowel, sealer, and a sponge.
Step #3 - Now we will cut the sheet. Roll it out and keep it facing up. Make sure you are cutting the sheet in an area where you have enough space. Keep the sheet on the floor as if you are about to install it. This way, while cutting, you have an exact idea as to how the sheet will appear once installed.
Step #4 - Use the marker, and get your measurements out. You will trim the sheet according to your measurements, so make sure you haven't made any errors. Take the straightedge knife, and cut the sheet. Trim the sides properly so that while laying them, there are no rough edges.
Step #5 -Roll the sheet back up and take it inside. At the area, open the sheet again and roll it out on the floor. We are not installing the sheet yet, just doing a trial. If there are any more trimmings to be done, do so now because once we install the flooring, we won't be able to do so.
Step #6 - When the sheet is rolled out flat on the floor, we are ready to glue it to the floor. From the outside the sheet, roll the sheet up and come all the way to the center; keep the other side of the down. Wear clean socks, and walk on the laid sheet. You are doing this to smooth out the sheet, and remove any air bubbles there might be. Open the epoxy tub, and get ready to glue the sheet.
Step #7 - Wear hand gloves, and take the trowel in one hand. Spread the epoxy onto the center of the floor. Spread in a small, 1 foot wide area near the rolled flooring. You will work 1 foot of space from the center of the floor, moving towards the outer edge. As you glue little sections of the flooring, press on it. You can also use a rolling pin in order to keep an even surface, free of bubbles.
Step #8 - Once you are done with one side of the room, follow the same directions for the other half. Make sure that you work from the center of the room, going outside. Let the glue dry completely before walking on the new flooring. (To find out how long will the glue take to dry properly, read the instructions given on the tub itself).
Now it is possible that during the installation, some glue may have been spilled on the sheet itself. In that case, clean the sheet with hot, soapy water immediately. This way, the glue won't dry on the sheet. After the glue on your flooring has dried, you are free to use that room/area at your discretion.
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