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Vinyl Paint

Vinyl Paint
Vinyl paint is a water based paint, which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To avoid any disasters while painting using this paint, one needs to prepare the painting surface well...
Pragya T
Vinyl paints are water based paints. So, what does water based paint mean? Water based paints, also called latex paints, have a binder which is dissolved in water. This means they are less toxic, and you can use plain water to clean the tools. Also, water based paints, compared to oil based, are faster drying. Oil based paints needs a specific solvent to clean the tools, which makes using oil based paints expensive. However, vinyl paint, when compared to water based paint, is not an eco-friendly paint, but there are many pros of this paint which makes it a popular choice among homeowners.
Vinyl paint soaks in the surface it is painted over. This means it binds well to the surface. This gives the surface a protective coating. One of the biggest advantage of vinyl paint is that one doesn't need to apply 2 or more coats of vinyl paint. One single coat of this paint is enough. This means painting with vinyl paint is faster and cost-effective. Another advantage of this paint is that it can be applied to various surfaces. One can apply vinyl paints on interior or exterior walls, floor, furniture, seat covers, etc. Also, if you had previously painted a surface ,like the floor, with this paint that you want to redo, then there is no need to replace the floor. All you need to do is just repaint over it.
Vinyl paints, as mentioned above, are not eco-friendly. So, one can't just dispose them off anywhere. The best solution is to reuse the paint in someway. Or store it properly, till the next paint job is needed. One of the biggest disadvantage of this paint is that they don't adhere to a surface easily. One needs to prepare the surface prior to painting well, so that vinyl can adhere to the surface. Also, if you want to paint over vinyl painted surface, the coat of vinyl paint has to be completely removed, before applying other type of paint.
Buying Tips
Vinyl paint is available in different forms. Whenever buying this paint, the most important thing to remember is to buy the paint according to the surface. For example, there is special vinyl paint for wood and for metal surfaces. So, if you are buying it at a hardware store, specify what kind of paint you are looking for. The paint used for interior painting and exterior painting is different. Exterior vinyl paint is heat-resistant, and thus gives better protection. Second thing to remember when buying this paint, is to buy the right amount. One can find small vinyl spray paints to paint over seats, and in gallons for floor or wall painting. For small art projects, you can even buy this paint in tubes. Many DIY enthusiasts prefer to use this paint for car interior to make the seats and car interior look new again. Vinyl paint is opaque in color. There are many vinyl paint colors like red, blue, yellow and various shades of black. So, you can pick a shade to match the decor.
Surface Preparation Tips
This is an important part when it comes to painting with vinyl paints. Preparation of the surface differs according to the surface you are going to paint on. So, pay special attention to prepare the surface. Here are some basic tips that will help you prepare the surface. First of all take out any old paint chips or cracking paint from the old surface. You can do this manually using a wired brush, or do it using a powerful water hose. Let the surface dry. After this step, seal any cracks, gaps or holes in the surface. Then sand down the imperfections, to make the surface even. Again clean the surface, you can do this by vacuum cleaner. Double check to see the surface is dry and clean.
Painting Tips
After you are done preparing the surface, it is time to paint the surface. You can spray paint the surface or use a brush. No matter which method you use, follow proper painting guidelines to apply one fine coat of the paint. On dry and clean surface, you can use even strokes of brush. Make sure there is adequate paint on the brush, but it is not dripping. While using vinyl spray paint, make sure you use a smooth motion of the hand and apply one coat at a good pace, to avoid any dripping of the paint. Let the paint dry for the recommended time and check.
These were the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl paint. This paint is a long-lasting paint and inexpensive. It can be used to paint different materials. If you are using vinyl paint, make sure you buy the right type of paint, and follow the above guidelines to prepare and paint the surface.