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Vinyl Flooring Prices

Vinyl Flooring Prices

Prices of a vinyl flooring are very low compared to other flooring options. Moreover, it is durable and comes in attractive colors and patterns.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Vinyl flooring is the most preferred choice of flooring for bathrooms and kitchens. The reason is, vinyl is extremely affordable and lasts long. Vinyl comes in sheets as well as tiles. The tile form is very simple to install yourself. In fact, installing vinyl flooring yourself can drastically cut down the cost of vinyl floor installation. While estimating cost of vinyl flooring, one needs to take into account the expenses apart from vinyl sheets or tiles.

Factors Influencing Vinyl Flooring Prices

Pre-installation Charges
If you are planning to install vinyl flooring on a new sub-floor, then you can ignore this factor as you can directly install vinyl sheets/tiles. However, if that is not the case, then you might have to prepare the surface so as to make it suitable to install vinyl flooring. This includes, removing existing flooring or carpets, relocating furniture and fixtures, finishing the surface to make it even and smooth etc. The labor charges for these activities would vary largely depending upon the extent of damage to the underlying sub floor. You may have to complete any impending plumbing work, before installing vinyl flooring in bathroom. Make provision for this additional expense.

Cost of Material
This factor will mostly determine the cost of vinyl flooring. Typically vinyl sheets come in the width of 6ft or 12 ft. Alternatively, you may also choose vinyl tile flooring which comes in standard sizes of 12''x12'', 13''x13'', 18''x18'' and 20''x20'', out of which, 12''x12''and 20''x20'' are popular sizes for home flooring. Quality vinyl tiles and sheets that last for substantial period cost about $2 to $5, per square foot. Thus, the total cost for material for a 10ft x 20ft kitchen would be approximately $400 to $1,000. similarly, the total cost of material for a 9ft x 9ft bathroom, with the same rate would be $162 to $405. High-end linoleum flooring costs about $4 per square foot. If you are really a budget oriented person then you also have an option of $1 per square foot vinyl sheet/tiles, but then you might have to compromise on the quality factor.

Installation Charges
You should expect to pay anywhere between $1 to $3 per square foot as labor charges for installation. Some suppliers may waive off the labor charges altogether. Also, if you plan to do the job yourself, then you can save this money. But then you might have to shell out a few dollars extra for getting the supplies required for installation.

Adhesive Cost
Although not high enough to considerably influence the prices for vinyl flooring, adhesive cost indeed needs to be considered. Some vinyl tiles come with a self adhesive, so that you simply have to peel the tile off protective paper and stick onto the floor. This type of vinyl flooring would not need any adhesive, if you are going to install it in a low foot traffic area. However, heavy foot traffic will peel off the tiles sooner than you think, hence, it is best to fortify them with vinyl adhesive. Vinyl adhesive should cost you somewhere between $9 to $30.

You should expect the prices to soar, if your room is unusually shaped with tapered corners or passages. You can get a rough estimate of vinyl flooring cost by considering all the above factors.