Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

For bedrooms and living rooms with vaulted ceilings, finding the right lighting fixtures can be tough due to its design. In this DecorDezine post, you will find some wonderful ideas that will blow you away.
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Many people have to work on the tough task of decorating rooms with vaulted ceilings. With latest interior decorating ideas, including breathtaking lighting is easy, convenient, and gorgeous. Choosing the lights in creative ways can help transform the look of this room. You can simply pick one of the beautiful lighting options (given below) and give a well-designed look to the room.
No matter how well you work on the interiors, the right light fixtures have a major role to play for the entire house. So, checkout the various ways in which you can use the light fixtures to beautify the ceilings.
Lighting Fixtures to Consider
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Wood vaulted ceiling
Wood vaulted ceiling
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Lighting in home
Ceiling Lighting
Trendy Track Lighting
If you want to give a decorative touch to the ceilings, track lights can be a good option. Track lighting can be done in a straight line or curved pattern as well. Using fancy fixtures, you can elevate the décor of the entire room. Look for colored fixtures that can play up the room décor while giving the ceiling a jazzy appeal. Most of the fixtures have the facility of changing their angle that can illuminate a room the way you want.
Rich Recessed Lighting
One of the most popular lighting options is recessed lighting. Let me tell you that 'elegance' and 'plush' are the words that rightly define recessed lighting which is a built-in type of lighting. They stay in line with the ceiling creating a clean look and avoiding the blocking effect that other fixtures hanging from ceiling might create. Moreover, as you fix as many fixtures as you want, they give a perfect streamlined look to the ceiling. You can choose to install white or yellow bulbs in these, according to the effect you want to create in a room.
Pretty Pendant Lamps
The next option that you can consider is adding some trendy pendant lamps. Now there are an array of options available in pendant lamps and you are sure to find many eye-catching pieces in these. These lamps that can be suspended from ceilings are cheaper alternative to recessed lighting. Moreover, you can have the lamps of the same color and size installed creatively to form a wonderful room design. Look for larger pieces with one or two pieces in rich finish that can illuminate the room or a specific area. You can further add wall scones to illuminate the room if these lamps are not enough to.
Splendid Skylights
While you work on decorating a room, adding skylights is undoubtedly the best alternative. But the same needs to be worked upon by a professional and with much planning and precaution. You can call a professional to know whether adding skylights is possible and get a rough estimate of the expenses for the same project. Angled skylights with beautiful glass covering that allows light to enter the area and provide natural illumination along with unique beautification is best option in the list.
No matter which lighting option you consider, choose the one that appeals your personality and décor style. Attractive lighting fixtures that will rightly complement a room is essential. Make sure you browse through a number of images of rooms with vaulted ceilings to get ideas on decorating and illuminating them in the best way. Light fixtures are definitely the best elements that you can use for spicing up these vaulted sections. All the best!