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Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

Tulika Nair Jan 2, 2019
Decorating a house can be quite a task. After all you want it look gorgeous but if you have features like a vaulted ceiling in your house, you can sometimes be befuddled about how to decorate it. There are many design ideas that you can choose from and here, we list out some ideas that you can use.
Vaulted ceilings were very popular in the 19th century, especially in churches and cathedral which is the reason why these are also known as cathedral ceilings.
Today this design element is seeing a resurgence because of its uniqueness and the dramatic element that it can infuse into a house. If you are unsure of what these are, then think of all those ceilings that you have seen which have an angular ascent, following the pitch of the roof, and forming a peak.
The advantage of having a room with vaulted ceilings is that the room can look much more spacious than it is actually. There is also an illusion of height that this type of ceiling can give to a room.
The problem that most homeowners have with this type of ceiling is the difficulty they can have in decorating them. Here are few design ideas that you can use to dress up the ceiling of your room.

Design Ideas

More often than not, we get so involved with choosing the right colors for the wall and matching furnishings that we forget that the ceilings of the same rooms are drab, dreary, and well, boring to say the least.
And if you have a room with a vaulted ceiling, it is important that the decoration of the ceiling take place before the work on the interiors starts in full swing. Let us take a look at design ideas you can use.

Paints and Textures

If you do not want to spend much time and money on your ceiling design, then an easy idea is to paint the ceiling in colors matching the theme of the room. You can also use wallpapers in the same theme.
Try to play around with color combinations to create an interesting look on the wall. If you are open to the idea of prints on your ceiling, then opt for wallpapers with interesting prints. You can also use textured paints.
If the walls are painted in a light color, then use a darker color and the ceiling to draw focus. Another interesting idea to use would be to create a mural on the wall and have your very own Sistine Chapel.


You can use special light fixtures because of the slope that a vaulted ceiling has. If you are intent on hanging a chandelier, then choose to hang one from the highest point of the ceiling.
You can also use wall sconces in traditional or modern designs as these can emit lighting without overpowering the room. Recessed lights can also be a great lighting and design element.
A more natural way to get light into your room would be to create skylight with stained glass windows. It can add a beautiful touch to your room.

Wooden Beams

If the theme of your room is rustic and earthy, then you can add architectural details to your room by installing wooden beams.
The problem with high ceilings can often be that it overshadows the rest of the room and the furniture. Adding details in the form of wooden beam ensures that the attention is back on the room.
But consult your architect regarding this addition as you do not want the wooden beams to overshadow the room completely or take away from the appeal of the room. You can accentuate the wooden beams by using antique sconces on the beams for lighting.

Intricate Crown Molding

When you are thinking of using crown molding, then there are two ideas that you can use. You can either decide to follow the structure of the ceiling or create a second, fake ceiling below the actual height. If you use the second idea, it helps create the illusion of the ceiling being smaller than it is.
You can give your room a Victorian or Renaissance look with intricate carvings. It can be quite an attractive way of decorating the edges of the ceilings. You can opt to have a traditional or modern look with this type of design idea.
These are just some of the ideas for ceiling designs for homes that you can try out if you have a room in your house that has a vaulted ceiling. Consult with your architect and interior decorator for more ideas to decide on what could be the best look for your room.