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Various Uses of Bean Bags That are Sure to Surprise You

Various Uses of Bean Bags
Bean bags are, according to me, the most innovative of man's inventions! But many say that it depends on how innovative can you get about using a bean bag. Find out in this article, out-of-the-box uses of a bean bag.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Bean bags are a true blessing for the lazy couch potatoes. I look at a bean bag and I can totally understand what my father meant when he said "Lazy people are innovative"; for I am sure it must have been a relaxed, chilled out man who invented this piece of ultimate comfort furniture. Bean bags help to create a laid back, friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the room in which you place them. They are the ultimate instant furniture that require no preparation, no setting up, no cutting, sawing, NOTHING! Just grab your cash or card, go to a shop, and come back home as a proud owner of a bean bag! However, such is the design of a bean bag, that even apart from as a piece of furniture, you can truly put it to some creative uses if only you know how!

You get bean bags in two main sizes - the big ones that act as a piece of furniture, and the small ones that act as a decorative item. Each of these can be put to a myriad of uses. Find out how, as you read further...
Out-of-the-Box Uses of BIG Bean Bags
relaxing bean bag
Just look at the image on your right... need I say more? A bean bag is one of the best things to simply sit back and relax... Chill out with a mug of cold coffee and a nice book. Turn up the volume and play some good music. Better still, you can grab a bucket of hot crunchy popcorn, turn off the lights and watch a horror movie. (I bet you gonna sleep in your bean bag if you really do that...!) This is one of the most common uses of a bean bag, I know. So how about this - have you ever thought of using a really big bean bag as a love seat...? There you go, I can see you smile! Make sure you choose the perfect bean bag for you when you decide to buy one however; they come in various sizes, shapes, materials and patterns. Sit on them for a while before you choose which one you want to take home.
Makeshift Table
bean bag table
Bean bags come in various shapes and types. There are the ones that are really flexible that go PLOP! and sink in when you sit on them; and then there are those firm ones that act more-or-less like a stool. You could use one of the later ones to make an innovative center table. All you have to do is place a glass on top of the bean bag. But make sure to use some support - like the small plastic vacuums that are used on regular glass table. Also do not load a bean bag table with too many things. Use it like a tea-poy, or a small coffee-table at the center of your living room.
All you couch-potatoes out there are gonna love this one! Our feet are probably the most stressed part of the body, and often the most neglected of them all! Why not pamper them a little bit too? A bean bag under your feet as you watch a football game at the end of the day may feel like a blessing. And of course, all the moms and wives out there are going to be happy having your feet on the bean bag and are going to love you for not propping them up on the coffee-table.
This may seem like an odd suggestion. But a bean bag made of water-proof material could act to console you if your bathroom is not big enough to have a bath-tub! It will give you the same comfort and luxury, but in a small space. A bean bag in the bathroom, however, would need a lot of cleaning and maintenance. But it will be totally worth it if you can take good care of it and keep it clean!
For Your Little One
little one bean bag
A flat big bean bag could act as an innovative bedding idea for your little baby! Furry bean bags are also available nowadays. They are super soft and super comfy. They can even be easily shifted around, so your baby can be right next to your bed instead of on the bed and between you are your better half. It would be a lot safer for the baby as well. However, make sure you shift your baby into a proper crib once it starts rolling over - you do not want it to roll off the bean bag.
As a Corner-Piece
The vertical bean bags that you get in the stores can be used as a corner piece to exhibit painted pots. You can place the pots in an artistic way on the bean bag and have the bean bag sit in one corner of the room. You pots will get a firm support and will be less prone to being accidentally knocked over. It will also look a lot more interesting than just a pot standing in one corner of the room.
Out-of-the-Box Uses of SMALL Bean Bags
For Juggling
Juggling is something everyone loves to try his or her hand at, at least once in life, and rather than dropping and spoiling fruits or breaking glasses, it would be best to practice your juggling skills with small bean bags. They come in all color and shapes - from animals to smiley faces to squares to regular balls. You can even use them to play juggling games with your friends. Or maybe even passing-the-parcel?
As Stress-busters
stress buster bean bag
This is probably one of the best uses of small bean bags. Angry? Stressed out? Don't clench your teeth, clench your fists around a bean bag! They act as amazing stress busters. They are pretty small too, so you don't need to do anything out of the way to carry one around wherever you go.
For Your Kids
kids bean bag
Bean bags may act as amazing play things at a preschool or at a Montessori school even. They are good, safe, colorful and will not cause any harm to property or people, even if, kids throw them around the room or at each other; and believe me, kids love throwing things around. You can get some bean bags for your children to play at home, if the kindergarten school your child goes to does not have them.
Crystals on Display
If you love having crystals, semi-precious stones or even normal regular colored stones around your room, on the bookshelf, in a showcase, on your study table you can place them in small bean bags and places the bean bags wherever you feel like. It would be a unique way to display crystals around your room. They look really pretty, sitting on their little couches. I myself have a few garnets, amethysts and quartz kept in a white bean bag on my table. Everybody loved the idea.
For Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy exercises can be aided with bean bags, especially in case of hand physiotherapy exercises. However, it would be best to consult your physiotherapist before you make use of bean bags for physiotherapy. Even apart from that bean bags can be used to relax the hands - especially the muscles of your palms and fingers. Using a bean bag for about five minutes at the end of the day may prove to be an informal form of physiotherapy, especially for people who do a lot of computer work.
For Acupressure Therapy
Small bean bags can be wonderful for acupressure therapy. You can lay down a few bean bags in a row on the bed and sleep such that your spine rests on them. You can target other parts of the body in similar ways. It would be a good idea to use knitted bean bags instead of the regular plain ones. The texture adds to the pressure and gives you complete relaxation. It works wonders. Try it!
So these are the various uses of a bean bag. It is truly a remarkable piece of furniture with regards to its versatility and utility. Hope, you find some creative use for your bean bag! Happy discovery!
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