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Vanity Lighting Ideas

Vanity Lighting Ideas
With some great looking vanity lighting fixtures, you can spruce up your living space. There are many designs and shapes of light fixtures which you can install in your house, to create a great ambiance.
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Lighting plays an important role when it comes to home decor. Just like paint colors, lighting is something that needs special attention. Lighting can be used to create many effects. So, depending upon the lights you use, you can produce different effects. In a dull room addition of a light can help to brighten it up. In a small room lights can help open up the space. While in a room, when yellow lights are introduced they create a warm cozy ambiance. So, it all depends upon your selection of the light fixtures.

There are three important elements present in a lighting design. In a system there is a key light, fill light and backlight. Key light is basically the main source of light, which can be the sun or major light source used in the room to illuminate. Then there is the fill light which helps to soften the shadows on a particular subject. There is backlight which helps to illuminate a subject in a room further. Keep in mind these lighting basics and you will be able to do a better job for creating great lighting.

Vanity Lighting Ideas for Home
Before you start hunting for various vanity light fixture, first check the electrical wiring system of your house. How much more watts can it support? Does it have enough electrical sockets to connect the additional light fixtures? Get this checked from an electrician and then start your shopping for the light fixtures.
  • Recessed lighting is common as good overall lighting. If you have a tray ceiling then consider recessed lighting. You can choose white or yellow colored recessed lighting depending upon the effect you wish to produce.
  • Track lighting looks cool and is basically bell shaped small light fixtures which are mounted on a rod. These look good if you have modern decor. But, if you have a country decor then go with track lighting which are painted into brass color. Go with track lighting which can be dimmed for a cool effect.
  • Lamps make as great vanity lights. You can choose a lamp which is of unique steel design if you have a modern decor. If you have a country or rustic decor then go with a simple wooden lamp with a painted lampshade. With lamps you can also create double vanity lighting by keeping two lights on two sides of bed or on two sides of a photo frame.
  • Another classic and grand looking vanity lighting idea is using chandeliers. These make great as classy lighting fixtures. You can choose from colored or transparent chandeliers. There are also metal encased and full glass chandeliers to choose from.
  • However, if chandeliers are out of your budget then go with simple and elegant looking Chinese paper lanterns. They disperse a soft light and are available in various colors and painted designs. There are beautiful cherry blossom painted lanterns which look cool and add a touch of the oriental to the home decor. If you are looking for an alternative floor lamp then go with standing shoji lamps.
  • Pendant lights or hanging light fixtures also look great and are available in hundreds of designs. You can even make one yourself. There are various fixtures of this sort available. On a bathroom mirror you can hang cute three bell hanging fixtures or in living room or kitchen hang one or a cluster of pendant lights over the table.
There are hundreds of classic and modern light fixtures to choose from. So, pick some suitable ones and add beauty to your living space!
Hanging lamp
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Chandelier on Table
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