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Vanity Ideas for Bedroom

Vanity Ideas for Bedroom
Go through these some interesting vanity ideas for bedrooms, see if you like what you read and get started on your vanity!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018
When picking a vanity for your bedroom, you must think about some very fundamental features that it should contain. For instance, you need to see how much space you need and also the amount of 'stuff' you intend to accommodate in the shelves of the vanity. You need to check if the set you like will go with the overall setting of the room.
The lighting is another feature you have to take into consideration. Are there light fixtures attached to the set or will you have to place it in a spot close to a switchboard? Keeping these points in mind, let's take a look at the ideas that you can browse through for bedroom vanities to give your bedroom an even more inviting vibe!
Mix and Match
How about taking up refurbishing your vanity area as a weekend project? Intrigued? Well, you should be, because this idea will require as much imagination as you can pour into it. Instead of going to a fancy furniture mall and picking out a fancy vanity set, why don't you go flea market hopping and pick out single different pieces from different places?
Garage sales are another option that you can explore. You'll be surprised at the type of things that are discarded by people and you never know, you might find your dream vanity set just by mixing and matching! Make sure there's some sense in the things that you buy and that they'll go with the overall d├ęcor of the room. Don't mix and forget to match!
Reformed Vanity
You know, sometimes, the best decorating comes from within. You don't need fancy-schmancy stores and big brands to give your bedroom vanity a totally new and refreshing look.
All you need is an overactive imagination, some paint and varnish, and a few tools here and there. Use said overactive imagination to come up with a brilliant idea to transform your existing vanity into something breathtakingly gorgeous. Use the aforementioned paint and tools to turn this imagination into reality!
Dressing table
You could give it a woody appearance, a faux marble finish or even a completely metallic look! Much lighter on the pocket and a splendid way to spend your weekend, don't you think?
Color Coded
Room with vanity table and mirror
More often than not, people have their rooms designed and painted according to certain themes. Themed designing calls for a set color scheme. If you're looking to redo your vanity area, then you can go with the two options given here. One: you can choose the vanity set according to the color scheme of the bedroom.
For instance, if your room has a classic white color scheme, the best thing to do would be to go for a classic white vanity set as well. An oval mirror with a white border, a white table and stool set made in wood will be perfect. Make sure you clean it regularly though. There's nothing uglier than white furniture not taken care of.
Two: you could go for the exact opposite! If your room has a light color scheme, your vanity area can be in a dark wood or vice versa. For instance, let's say your bedroom is painted in a pastel shade like cream or beige, your vanity can be in a deep brown or even black. Make sure it matches with the other furniture and accessories in the room.
Ultra Simple
Beautifully renovated stylish vanity in colonial style
Some people like it loud, some like it soft. If you want something simple and utilitarian, yet aren't willing to compromise on the aesthetic value that the vanity renders to your bedroom, there are some simple ways to revamp your dressing area.
Interior Of A Magnificent Bedroom
For instance, instead of going with the conventional mirror-table-stool set, why not just stick to something as simple as a high chest of drawers and a mirror fixed on the wall?
Your top drawer can accommodate your vanity items (your bathroom clutter will finally get its own space! Hurray!) and the rest of them can hold other everyday items. It's a great way to save space and provides something that we're always looking for: storage!
Another idea that you can go for, and be warned, this has no capacity for storage whatsoever, is a very simple, yet elegant, wooden table with a marble top, a matching chair or stool and a gorgeous mirror. This table may or may not come with a drawer. You'll have to make do with the minimal space on the top, but hey, it's as gorgeous as gorgeous can be!
These were just a few things that you can do to spruce up your bedroom. Enjoy your decorating endeavors, that's the only way to do it!