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Valances for Sliding Glass Doors

There are many options for sliding glass doors valances. Know how to decorate such doors with valances.
Rutuja Jathar Jan 5, 2019
Sliding glass doors are one of the most space saving and visually appealing type of doors. It might be the reason why most of the households have at least one set of sliding glass doors! Along with being space savers, sliding glass doors give an elegant look to the room and the entire dwelling for that matter.
However, they also challenge creativity of a layman homeowner. Although there are numerous ways available to decorate sliding glass doors, the biggest challenge that you may need to face is of appropriate window treatment that won't hinder the basic functioning of the doors.
In such a scenario, why not add those beautiful valances? Sounds great right! Rather than mounting those boring vertical blinds or costly Shoji screens, valances are the best window treatment for sliding doors.
All of you must be aware of window valances that cover the topmost horizontal part of windows and provide a sort of frame to the window or the kind of window treatment that you already have (curtains or blinds, etc.). You can use various types of valances to decorate your sliding glass doors. Keep reading ahead and learn about a few interesting ideas.

Valance Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Valances are ideal for sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors are mostly facing lawns, gardens, patios, a balcony or a natural view outside the dwelling. Covering these doors with blinds and screens is like blocking a fantastic view. This is where valances come in handy.
One can use valances as a solution for this problem and also enhance uniqueness of their dwelling. Since they cover the highest part of the windows, valances never block the entire window. Hence, they do not make the sliding glass doors look unadorned and boring. 
Secondly, valances ideally hide hardware of drapes and curtains that are used for the sliding glass doors. Because of all these things, valances make your room look well decorated.
There are numerous ideas for valances that you can use for your doors. They can be used as per the interior decoration theme in your dwelling. For instance, you can use those wooden valances that go perfectly with the Tuscan or country style designs. Or, you can go with the fabric valances that are suitable for almost all types of home decorating themes.
You can use decorative woods, plywood, or other types of artificial wood patterns for wooden valances. If you want to use fabric valances, then there are a lot of options like cotton, silk, satin, voile, etc., that have numerous colors as well as designs. 
The most beneficial thing about valances is that they are mounted outside the frame of the sliding glass doors, and hence they provide you enough space to add privacy curtains and such other window treatments.

Valances Types for Sliding Glass Doors

Flat Valances

The biggest advantage of flat valances is that they are ideal to be used for all sorts of interior décor themes. This is because they are the most simple in terms of style and construction, and they can be finished to fit nearly any decor. 
A basic valance is a small panel of fabric which is rectangular in shape. It is pretty stiffly mounted on the uppermost side of the sliding glass doors. You can use plain fabric for flat valances and combine them with printed curtains, or you can use fabrics with large prints and combine it with plain curtains. It all depends on your taste and need.
If you already have curtains for the sliding doors, then you may like to choose a matching fabric for the valance. You can also use contrasting colors, scalloped edges, and striped curtains to go with plain valances. If you know sewing, then you can add frills or laces at the bottom of the valance, or purchase a fabric that already has a cropped edge.

Pleated Valances

There are various types of pleated valances, amongst which box pleated valances are one of the most popular types of valances used for sliding doors. These valances are somewhat similar to the flat valances, except that they have inverted pleats at the uppermost side.
The number of pleats depend on your choice and how you like to jazz up the regular flat valances. Similar to flat valances, box pleated valances are also suitable for most of the home décor themes. They bring in a sort of sophisticated look to the entire room.
You can use plain fabrics, printed fabrics, striped fabrics or embroider fabrics for pleated valances. These valances are ideally used with bold prints and contrasting curtains.

Gathered Valances

These valances are made in such a way that you can hide the curtain rod inside their upper pocket. These offer a casual and laid-back look to the entire home décor theme. Size of the pockets and length of the valances depends on your choice.
These valances are gathered, which means their fabric is put together in even folds. Appearance of the folds determines appearance of the room. For instance, if the folds are too tight, the room will get a much sophisticated look. But if the folds are soft, then the room will get an elegant look.
These valances are ideally used for bay windows or other types of window treatments. Since they can be mounted outside the door frame, they are ideal for sliding glass doors as well. However, if you have smaller windows and doors with less space above them, then gathered valances might not be very suitable.
Choosing the right kind of valances for your sliding glass doors is very important. If you want a really appealing décor, then choose flat valances for smaller sliding doors, and decorate larger doors with gathered valances. All the best!