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Valance Ideas for Bay Windows

Mamta Mule Nov 24, 2018
With the right valances and draperies, decorating the grand bay windows is not a tough task. Here are some valance ideas for bay windows which are sure to heighten the beauty of this area.
Valances are amongst those special elements which help spice up the existing window treatment. Adding valances to the draperies and curtains is a great idea when you have a wider window. Though valences are commonly used for windows having smaller width, they work even better for larger windows and grand entryways.
Bay windows can look extremely well when decorated with curtains and valances. As bay windows are tall and commonly wide, they are much prominent and hence, decorating them in the best way is quite an essential task. Here are some valance ideas for bay windows which will rightly help in revamping the look of the entire space along with the bay window.

Swag Valances

While you install tall curtains for bay windows, the first, best pick from the segment of valances is the swag valance. These valances are sure to heighten the beauty of tall and wide bay windows. 
These also remain a perfect pair for contemporary styled window treatments and home decor. Especially those pieces made by using shiny satin, instantly give a plush finish to the window treatment.

Scarf Valances

If you wish to jazz up the bay windows in a uniquely stylish way, then scarf valances are the thing to opt for. Sheer, lace or netted fabrics make ultimate valances which are also suitable for less wider bay windows. 
Scarf valances not only look great on thick curtains but also appear nice on sheers. While you opt for colored, sheer valances, check their shade and make sure it turns out well when it falls on colored sheer curtains which are installed behind the thick curtains.

Ascot Valances

If you have traditional decorated interiors or a modern interior decor, then ascot valances are a suitable pick. These are tailored valances which are stitched to stay fit on the rod. They extend from one end of the rod till the other end. While most valances fall down on the curtains at each end, these just rest on the rod and do not extend further.
The valances can be stitched in a number of creative ways and can be given a beautiful look with gathered plates, 'V' shaped design or a zigzag trim lines. These valances often have lovely trims and accessories like tassels, attached at the ends and hemlines.

Right Fabrics

Apart from choosing the right type of valance, opting for the right fabric is an equally essential task while implementing any of the ideas. Valances come in plain fabrics as well as printed fabrics.
Plain valances look classy and elegant. Especially in case of swag and scarf valances, plain fabrics remain the best picks. Satin, silk, silk cotton, sheers and lace are some fabrics which make good swag and scarf valances.
You can use printed valances only if the curtains are plain. Most of the time tailored valances like the ascot, waverly, and the box valances are made using printed fabrics. These can be paired with curtains of same fabric having two sections of plain fabric attached in between, which has the same background color.
Valance style often depends upon the type of your interiors, and the type of curtains you wish to have. Many individuals prefer to have attractive and long valances for bay windows and completely skip installation of curtains.
You can opt to add colored sheers in this case if you do not wish to keep the bay window empty. Classic trims like ruffles, laces, piping make the tailored valances even more beautiful. While the options are plenty, it is time to explore them and pick the best ones for playing up the look of your bay windows.