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Useful Tips for Hanging Wall Sconces That'll Illuminate Your Room

Useful Tips for Hanging Wall Sconces
Wall sconces are the perfect lighting options. They add to the décor and occupy less space. This piece will give you a few useful tips for hanging wall sconces.
Gauri Huddar
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
The perfect painting in your hall needs that something extra to accentuate it? Or tired of the harsh lights and want a soft glow in the room while you relax? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then wall sconces are the perfect home décor option for you! They come in such a variety, you'll be spoiled for choice. Besides which, they do the work while occupying minimum space. Wall sconces are a perfect solution for creating mood lighting, highlighting a certain portion of your wall, enhancing the surroundings, etc.

Choosing a sconce requires a little patience. You have to make sure that it matches with the general style of your décor. Sconces can range from charming, elaborate, old world styles to elegant, contemporary and chic. The finishing also varies from crystal, iron, copper, glass, to brass along with types like candle type sconces or bulb type sconces. Once you've chosen the right sconces for your home, the next challenge is to place them properly to maximize their effect. The placement of a sconce can make the difference between pleasant lighting and unappealing lighting.
Hanging wall sconces
Tips for Hanging Sconces
Follow these tips to hang up your sconces:
● Decide the number of sconces you will require and which walls you want to hang the sconces on. A bigger room will require more than one sconce.
Hanging sconces in sitting room
● The size of the sconce is also important. The size depends on the purpose of using the sconce.
Vintage hanging sconce
● The minimum height at which a sconce should be hung, is generally 5 1/2 feet from the floor. If you are a tall family, mount them even higher. Two sconces should not be placed within 10 feet of each other.
Sconces in hallway
● For high ceilings going up to 12 feet or more, sconces shouldn't be placed lower than 7 feet.
● Sconces are perfect to light up stairways, hallways, lobbies and passages. Sconces, if placed high in rooms with vaulted ceilings, can create a dramatic effect.
● In case it is placed along the stairs, make sure the bulb inside the sconce is not visible from the top. There are closed sconces available, which are perfect for these places.
● The placing of the sconce needs planning. You should place it where you would generally sit to read, and not in a niche where you curl up and relax!
● If you have a good piece of art on the wall which you want to highlight, place a sconce with a long stand over it and focus the light on the painting for exaggerated effect.
● Staggering sconces is the proper method of lighting the hallway.
● Placing an elaborate or intricately designed sconce at the entrance to your house can add that warm welcoming touch, besides being pleasing to the eyes.
● You can even plan a theme for your home, and get wall sconces related to that particular theme in design. Like, if you have a house theme, you could get house shaped sconces in warm colors, or if you plan an animal theme, you could get dolphin shaped, or bear shaped sconces!
Dolphin shaped sconce
Safety Tips
There are also a few safety tips to be considered. They are as follows:
● The HCO figure determines whether your rooms have enough height to hang the sconce. It also lets you know whether an already existing junction box can be used.
● Check the wattage of the sconce. Usually they have less wattage, so they emit less light.
● Make sure the sconce you have selected fits in the space chosen for it. A good idea is to carry the measurements with you while going to select the sconces.
● Also find out how much the sconce extends outwards from the wall, in case you want to get a shade for your sconce.
A sconce can help you create the perfect ambiance for your house. Go ahead and light up your world, the way you want to!
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