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Incredibly Useful Feng Shui Tips for Your Staircase

Useful Feng Shui Tips for Your Staircase
While it may not be possible to change your house all together, certain remedial feng shui measures can be taken to remove negativity from your house. Here are some useful feng shui tips for your staircase.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
In feng shui, wooden stairs must be built in the eastern, southern, and southeastern parts of the house. While, the north is suitable for metal stairs, the west, northwest, and southwest are good places for building concrete stairs.
While a staircase is an architectural necessity in multi-storeyed buildings and homes, its status in the realm of feng shui is a bit dicey. It is not necessarily negative and not exactly positive either. This imbalanced aspect of the staircase is because of its unsettling nature, purpose, and design. Since staircases are meant to aid climbing up or down two floors, the flow of energy is never stable and is always on the move. This chaos or constant mashing of chi, makes the staircase possess energy of similar nature.
According to feng shui, the staircase symbolizes one of the poison arrows that absorbs all positive energy away from the room and into the ground beneath the staircase. The staircase is not considered inauspicious or bad feng shui; however, its incorrect placement in the building may cause it to create disharmony, and allow negativity to fester. While the construction of the house or building cannot be altered after it is already built, its negative aspects can be minimized using feng shui. This DecorDezine article mentions locations that are ill-advised for placing staircases, and some useful feng shui tips for remedying the situation.
Feng Shui Remedies for Staircases
Staircase in Front or Middle of the Entrance
A staircase facing the main entrance of the house or the 'Mouth of Chi' will divert all the chi towards the upper floor or the lower floor, thereby, depriving the main floor of the house of its much-needed chi. Secondly, a staircase situated in the middle or the heart of the house, is the worst possible feng shui location for the residents of the house. The chaos of the constant flow of fragmented energy and its unsettling nature, will reflect on the people living in the house as well.

The bigger the foray between the door and the staircase, the better it would be for the chi to nourish the middle floor of the building, as well as gradually spread to other parts of the house. However, if you're faced with a house or building that has a small or cramped foray, the energy flowing into the house will be rushed, and would immediately rush to the upper floors. In such a case, you may need to remedy the flow of chi, by placing positive feng shui reinforcements.
Staircase Facing the Front Door
Staircase Facing the Front Door
Placing beautiful plants on the sides as well as on the staircase will help absorb and retain some of the chi that is flowing away from the main floor. Attractive and positive paintings and pictures on the wall beside the staircase will help serve a similar purpose. Placing a mirror behind the entrance door will allow the escaping chi to be reflected back into the house. Placing a lamp on the wall between the door and the staircase will also help retain more positive energy inside the house.
Turret Staircases Attract Negativity
Turret stairs resemble corkscrews, and thus, drill energy away from the house into the underground. The effect of such a spiral staircase would be worse if it were made of metal and located in the wrong bagua area, thereby, making the metal feng shui element overpower the wood element. The reason being, in feng shui, metal makes the wooden feng shui element weaker.
Spiral Metal Staircase With Plant
Spiral Metal Staircase With Plant
The best way to strengthen the feng shui wood element is to place wooden décor articles, such as a wooden statue, vase, or bamboo curtains, bamboo plants, near or around the metal staircase, so that its excess energy can be equalized. You can also color the walls with wooden hues, such as brown, green, beige, etc.
Open Tread Staircase Loses Energy
On the other hand, open tread staircases are the worst type of stairs to choose. The gaps in between the stairs lose much of the chi energy that is trying to flow along the staircase to the second floor, thereby, increasing the unsettling nature of the staircase by promoting leakage of energy. This loss of chi will make it difficult for the residents of the house to save wealth.
Open Tread Staircase With Plants
Open Tread Staircase With Plants
Placing plants beneath the stairs and wind chimes on or near the staircase will help retain the constant flow of energy, by absorbing the leaking chi and returning it to the house.
How to Use Space Underneath the Stairs
Feng Shui Water Element on Staircase
Feng Shui Water Element on Staircase
☯ Water feng shui elements must never be placed under or in between staircases, as the negativity created may affect the health of children.

☯ It is believed that, the space underneath a staircase must always be used as a storage, and never be left empty.

☯ If there is a room underneath the stairs, it must be used for storing books, money, and incomplete projects, as the energy generated in this room helps accomplish pending goals and in making financially sound decisions.

☯ There must not be a bathroom under the staircase, as that will drain the wealth of the family. In order to remedy this predicament, consider placing earth feng shui elements between the staircase and bathroom. Place earthen pottery, potted plants, and other earthy elements outside the bathroom. Placing a lucky bamboo or fresh flowers inside the bathroom will aid in preventing the chi from draining away.

☯ Ideally, there must be no landings in between the stairs, as these landings can break the flow of chi and confuse its path. Consider placing bright lights on the walls, that will guide the path of the chi.

☯ Any windows at the landing of the staircase or on the wall near it will cause the flowing energy to be lost. Thus, such windows must be blocked with shutters or bamboo curtains, that will deflect the chi back into the house.
Clutter, cracks, dirt, and creaking or wobbly staircases harbor negative energy, which will create disharmony in the house. Such unwanted elements must be avoided or rectified, to ensure a good feng shui house.
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