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Types of Window Valances

Types of Window Valances
Window valances make great looking window treatments. But, wait! Before you select any window valance, take a look at the various types of window valances and their pictures, so you can choose the best possible one.
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Window valances make beautiful window treatments. They can look elegant or majestic. So, it depends upon the kind of valance you use? What? You don't know the various types of window valances...?
There are various kinds of window valances, and each type renders a unique look. There are some tailored valances while there are some custom stitched swags. Each valance renders a beautiful look. So, depending upon the effect you want to produce in the room or to the window you can choose the window valance.
Different Types of Valances
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Scarf Valances
Rod Pocket Valance
Rod pocket valance is not actually a specific type of valance, but a term used in combination with a type of valance. In this type of valances, there is a big rod which is screwed at the ends with some decorative pieces. These pieces are removed and a valance slides in it, so that it holds the valance over the window.
Balloon Valances
Balloon valances look cute and come in various patterns, colors and materials. You can choose a traditional balloon valance style or a contemporary one. These valances are also referred to pouf valances sometimes, and are called so because they give a puffed up appearance.
Scarf Valances
A lightweight fabric or sheer fabric is used to create scarf valance. There are less pleats in scarf valance, and it gives an airy feeling. Scarf valances look elegant and are good if you want to create a light or contemporary home decor. They can be long enough to touch the floor as they would provide decent privacy.
Swag Valances
Swag valances are window covering which are tailored to create a pleated pattern. They can be placed over a curtain or sometimes used without a curtain. However, don't confuse them with scarf valances! These valances need more tailoring than scarf valances as there are many pleats to it. Swag valances are one of the most popular type of window valance, and they are cover the window rods and sides completely, creating a beautiful and neat appearance.
blue box valance
Swag Valances
Ascot Valance
Ascot valance are created in such a way that they look like triangular shaped fabric hanging over the drapery rod. The triangle in the center is usually kept longer to give a decorative effect. These are formal looking valance and give a crisp look. So, if you want a formal look then go for them, but if you don't want a formal look go for scarf or swag valance.
Italian Valances
These are quite similar to swag valances. They are also made using a lightweight fabric which is draped across the top of the window. But, the difference between both is that the amount of material used for Italian valances is more, as it forms a curved design in the center of the window.
Cornice & Valance
Cornice are nothing but decorative fabrics which are placed on top of the window casing, to conceal curtain fixtures like rod. So, you can get a lovely metal or wooden cornice and then place a valance on it. This will help you save your energy bill too. You can get a curved upholstered cornice, a Durango cornice or any type of cornice design you prefer.
Jabot & Valance
Jabot with a valance looks really regal. So, if you have a good budget and a matching home decor go for these lovely valance window coverings. Basically, jabot curtain are pleated on both the sides of the valance. They cascade down the edges of the window, which add to their stunning look. You can order a jabot of any length you prefer.
Jabot & Valance
So, choose the right fabric and the type of window valance. Make it match your home decor style and color. If you want a stunning looking valance go with jabot and swags. If you want a light looking covering go with scarf valance. But, for kitchens you can use simple balloon or tailored valances.