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Different Types of Storage Furniture to Ornament Your Home

Types of Storage Furniture for the Home
Having enough storage solutions in your home will keep it from getting cluttered, and make your home look neat and organized. Know, what all types of storage furniture items are ideal for a home to keep it looking tidy.
Sailee Kale
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Storage space is something that every homeowner will always want more of, regardless of the size of their house. If you have a smaller house, then storage space can be a problem, and you need to come up with storage solutions to put things away. The bigger your house, the more storage space you have, so you end up buying more items, eventually leaving you flustered because you have nowhere to keep them! When you design your house, make enough furniture that will act as storage devices for every room in your house, that will keep your home looking clean.
Every room needs different kinds of storage furniture, depending upon the items it contains. A child's room will need enough storage for toys and clothes, whereas a kitchen will need suitable compartments for storing food items. Let us see the different types of furniture required for storage around a home.
Types of Storage Furniture for Your Home
For the Living Room
Sometimes known as a family room, this room is usually used to entertain guests, so it's highly important that it always looks clutter-free!
These are used to keep books on horizontal shelves. Antique bookcases look elegant and add an old world charm to the interiors. If your living room features a fireplace, built-in bookcases placed next to it can look very appealing. You can get creative, and build bookcases in the walls, or underneath the stairs, in your hallways.
Bookcase in living room
Wall Shelves and Shelf Brackets
These are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, either a simple wooden shelf or a single unit with numerous compartments. These are ideal to show off your knickknacks!
Wall shelves in living room
DVD/CD Racks
As the name implies, these can be used to stow CDs and DVDs. Not just racks, but a variety of CD storage options are available, including wall mountable shelves, spinner racks, or even glass cabinets for easy viewing. A must in a home with music and movie buffs!
DVD/CD racks in living room
These usually come fitted with drawers, and are kept besides couches or sofas. Also known as credenzas or buffets, these can be used to show off your cutlery, or even used to store bottles if you own a bar.
Sideboards in living room
If they are wooden, these can be used to store things. If they are made out of glass, you can use them to display your souvenirs or expensive cutlery. Several styles are available in the market, from traditional to contemporary, or you can get the cabinets custom-made to blend in with your living room decor.
Cabinets in living room
Coffee Tables
Ideal for keeping newspapers and magazines in the living room. They can even be used for keeping the TV remote, a flower vase, or even coasters, and act as a makeshift dining table when you have guests and are eating and drinking.
Coffee tables in living room
Shoe Racks
Shoe racks solve the problem of shoe storage, and these can be either standalone or wall-mountable . You can also invest in a shoe cabinet or a shoe storage box, depending upon your choice.
Shoe Racks
For the Bedroom
Probably the most important piece of storage in a bedroom. These can be used to keep clothes, books, and a host of other things, especially if they are large in size. Larger wardrobes can make a room look more coordinated.
Wardrobes in bedroom
A chest of drawers, also called a dresser, can be used to keep all your clothes, or other items if your wardrobe happens to be too small. Tall dressers are a more viable option for smaller bedrooms, as compared to elongated ones.
Drawers in bedroom
Dressing Table
Most women will agree, it is the single-most important piece of furniture to have in a bedroom! If it comes equipped with a set of drawers, it makes for a great place to stow away all your stuff. For bedrooms with space shortage, you can affix the mirror upon the dresser, which will offer more space to move around.
Dressing table in bedroom
Bedside Table
Depending on the size of your bedroom and your personal needs, a bedside table also doubles up as a piece of storage furniture, especially if it has drawers or shelves underneath. Also sometimes referred to as nightstand, it is the best place to keep your bedtime reading books, a bedside lamp, photo frames, and the alarm clock.
Bedside table in bedroom
Bed Storage Units
These are usually under-the-bed storage compartments, and perfect for storing large items which you do not require too often. When you choose a bed which has a storage compartment underneath, look for factors like robustness and enough space. Beds which are not too bulky and easy to disassemble if you ever need to move them around are a better option.
Bed Storage Units
These can sometimes be used as storage units, and come lined with drawers and shelves. These are a good option if you do not have a bedside table or a nightstand. You can make your own unique headboard and save on space. Attach shelves, or wooden storage cubes above the bed to store files, books, and curios.
Headboards in bedroom
Clothes Organizers
Apart from wardrobes, there are many other items available that can be used to store your clothes. Clothes rails and wire baskets are ideal to keep folded clothes. You can either attach them to the walls, or put castors so you can easily move them around so you can rearrange often. These are an excellent option, especially if you have a walk-in closet. Closet organization will help you make optimum use of the space in your bedroom, making it look clean and neat.
Clothes Organizers
For the Children's Room
A children's room can have storage furniture that is low in height, which gives them an easy access to their own stuff. A chest of drawers, a computer table, a storage unit with multiple shelves and compartments to store books and toys is perfect for children's bedroom. If your kids have lots of stuffed toys, get a bean bag which can be used to store all of them. There is a huge variety of bean bags available, which not only serve as a storage for stuffed toys, but once stuffed, make for a soft, plush seat!

A set of storage cubbies makes for a perfect storage solution for a children's room. Cubbies which can be stacked one over the other can also save space. Ideal for storing everything from books, toys, arts and crafts supplies, and even shoes, arranging things in them will help children learn how to sort, organize and clean up their room.
Children's Room
For the Laundry Room
Shelves, clothes basket, and clothes hampers serve storage purposes in the laundry room. Depending upon the size of your laundry room, you can have either movable clothes racks, or attach them to the walls to give you more space to move around.
Laundry Room
For the Bathroom
A bathroom should have a mirror cabinet, or a small wall shelf to hold all toiletries. Most bathrooms also have cabinets beneath the sink, which serve as additional storage spaces. A spacious bathroom gives you the luxury of having a linen closet and a laundry room inside it, which are not only great space savers, but very convenient from a storage point of view.
For the Kitchen
Below the countertop, the sink and on the walls, cabinets serve as the primary storage units in most kitchens. Depending upon the size of your kitchen, you can have free-standing cabinets, or a set of drawers, the top of which acts as a table to keep things handy. If your countertop is L-shaped, a rotating corner carousel is ideal and stores a large number of items.
Kitchen Cabinets
Spice racks, wall mountable shelves, or a standalone shelving unit can all be used to store kitchen supplies, and are extremely useful in the pantry too. The pantry can also be used to keep wine racks or wine cabinets.
Kitchen Shelves
Kitchen carts, or utility carts, are used to store a number of items, and can be used in the pantry as well. Kitchen islands, if you have an open kitchen, provide extra storage.
Kitchen Carts
For the Garage
The garage is often used not just to park the car, but also as a workshop or even as a play area for kids. If things are not kept properly, the garage can appear in a state of complete disarray. A huge assortment of multipurpose garage cabinets are available, which can be used for storing everything from car accessories to toolboxes. The use of storage bins and wall-mountable, standalone or movable shelves to store all your things can make the garage look orderly.
Always look for furniture that is multifunctional, that can be attached to beds or walls, thus saving on space. A very important thing to keep in mind, because your storage needs will forever be on the rise, but the space in your house remains the same. Store things in the right place. Put them away before the house starts getting cluttered, so it saves you from cleaning up all at once, which can be very time-consuming. It will be easier to look for things the next time you need them. A well-kept home always looks inviting.