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Check Out These Unique Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors
Kitchen cabinets enhance the look of the kitchen. So to say, the pattern on the door and drawers of the cabinet renders the desired look to the kitchen. DecorDezine explains the different types of kitchen cabinet doors.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
I believe that every house has a stirring story to tell about its dwellers. From the color of the walls to the interiors, just about every room speaks volumes about an individual's taste and style. Each room intricately weaves around the character of not just the individual, but the house as a whole.
The choice of every individual differs when it comes to designing the interiors of his/her home, which is why, it is imperative to observe the minute details that go into making a house a home. What is the first thing you notice when you enter the kitchen? It isn't the gas stove or the sink but the layout and design of the cabinet. The next thing you notice is the style and pattern on the doors and the drawers that make it appear contemporary, stylish, chic, or modern. The style can be anywhere from simple and elegant to elaborate and grand. Given below are the styles you are most likely to observe in different homes.
Go Traditional with Beadboard Doors
Beadboard is nothing but a series of vertical planks with ridges or indentations known as beads. The characteristic traits of this type of door are the deep, clean cuts, and vertical beads that create a striped or paneled effect. There are two styles of beadboards: (i) traditional tongue and groove boards that fit together; and (ii) beadboard panels that are molded to give you the effect of the actual material that aid in rendering your kitchen a traditional farmhouse appearance.
Beadboard Cabinet Door
Add Age to Your Kitchen with Distressed Doors
Want your kitchen to emanate an old cottage charm? Opt for distressed cabinet doors to give you an antique look to your home. Preferably made from reclaimed material, the doors and drawers of the cabinet appear old and worn out. New furniture can be given a distressed look by sanding the surface and rubbing a hint of glaze into the wood.
Distressed Cabinet Door
Simple Yet Stylish with Flat Doors
Simplicity at its best, flat cabinet doors are just that. They have smooth finishes without any visible detailing. The only visible design is the natural grain of the wood in case of pure wood doors, and a shiny surface in case of laminated doors. They not only look neat but also make it easier to clean.
Flat Cabinet Door
Blur Out with Frosted Glass Doors
Add flair to the cabinets with frosted glass cabinet doors. It is better than clear glass doors as it succeeds from hiding stuff behind it, giving them a hazy appearance. You can use it to camouflage your pots and pans, and is especially beneficial to create a warm, fuzzy atmosphere.
Frosted Glass Cabinet Door
Show Time with Grill-style Cabinet Doors
Quirky, out-of-the-box cabinet doors allow you to increase the artistic appeal of your home and kitchen in particular. The grooves and patterns that you can try out are numerous and known to add style to your cabinets. Wire mesh-inspired doors though, require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking new for a long period of time. You can opt for a glass-backed grill-style cabinet door to enhance the look of the kitchen.
Grill Style Cabinet Door
Airy with Louvered Doors
The horizontal slats on the door help keep the cabinet well-ventilated, thus, preventing it from a strong musty smell that occurs over a period of time. They are attractive and stylish, and can accentuate the look of just about any kitchen. It is the preferred choice for storing appliances that require ventilation.
Louvered Cabinet Door
Utilitarian Approach with Shaker Doors
Simple clean lines that emphasize utility is what the shaker cabinet door is all about. Ideally made from five individual pieces of flat panels, the shaker is the most common door style used for kitchen cabinet doors. It is a classic style, and rest assured it will never go out of style.
Shaker Cabinet Door
Achieve Uniformity with Thermofoil Doors
Laminate surfaces that feature silky smooth finishes are the norm of thermofoil doors. These doors are made by pressure binding medium-density fiberboard together. The laminate distorts with heat; hence, placing an oven near these doors is not advisable.
Thermofoil Cabinet Door
Bare All with Glass Front Doors
Glass front doors help render the kitchen a large and airy feel. It can be used to highlight artistic pieces of dinnerware. Remember, a glass door will do little to hide clutter, which means you have to take extra efforts to keep it organized at all times.
Framed Glass Cabinet Door
While a kitchen done up with any one type of door will lend a symmetrical look, a kitchen with a combination of door styles will surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Lastly remember, it isn't just about the doors and drawers that make the kitchen the activity hub of a family, you also have to pay attention to the minute details that go into making it complete.