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Various Types of Fireplace Mantels to Accentuate Your Home

Types of Fireplace Mantels
A fireplace mantel can significantly enhance the decor of any living room. If you are in search of a perfect one for your fireplace, this post might help you in deciding the type you can pick up to beautify your room.
Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
A fireplace mantel is used to enhance the look of a dull fireplace. It acts as a framework and helps in restricting smoke from dispersing in the room. A fireplace mantel has been in use for the beautification of a fireplace since the medieval period and can be used as a shelf for displaying decorative pieces in the room. If chosen carefully, it can be one of the most striking features of your living room or any other room with a fireplace arrangement. A mantel matching with the room's decor never fails to attract the attention of guests.
Fireplace mantels are available in a standard size. They can also be custom-made, depending on the area available to accommodate the mantel. Measurement of the space available for a mantel in the room can tell you whether a standard size mantel will do or you need a custom-made one for your room. Mantels can either fit along a wall or in a corner. Corner mantels are specifically designed to frame a fireplace situated in one corner of the room.

Mantels are made up of different materials and are designed in various styles. It depends on the house owner which one he wants to pick up for his house. The overall decor, material and cost should be kept in mind while picking up a mantel for a room. There are a variety available in the market and a proper research can help you in buying the best mantel to suit the room's decor and your pocket. Let's have a look at the various kinds of fireplace mantels you can choose from.
Wooden Mantel
Wooden mantel fireplace
A wooden mantel is the most popular among all other types and is least expensive. It can be simple, rustic or carved. Wooden mantels are made up of natural woods like oak, cedar, cherry, pine, walnut, poplar, hemlock and choi (an Asian hardwood). The mantels are made up of solid wood and can be painted or stained. Painted mantels are less expensive than stained mantels and have an advantage over the other, as they can be painted to match the decor of the room.
Stone Mantel
Living room feature wall
A stone mantel can be made up of limestone, sandstone, granite, river rock or travertine. Stone mantels are available with different colors and textures of stone and are best suitable for rooms with a large fireplace. The stones making up the mantel are precast and are simply fitted to surround the fireplace. These are a bit expensive than wooden mantels but are worth the expenditure because of their durability, fireproof and heatproof nature, and easy maintenance.
Metal Mantel
Limestone fireplace
Metals like aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and brass are often used for the construction of metal mantels. This type of mantel goes very well with a room having contemporary decor. Flexibility of these metals help in experimenting unique shapes and sizes for a mantel.
Marble Mantel
White marble fireplace and burning fire
A marble mantel is the most expensive one and can cost you thousands of dollars. It is mostly hand carved and provides an elegant and rich look to the room. Marble mantels are best suited for formal settings. The sturdy nature of marble renders it durable and long-lasting.
Brick Mantel
Burning fireplace
A mantel made up of bricks is very simple and affordable, yet, it lacks variety. It is available in a single color and is best suited for rooms with interiors that give you a country feel.
Ceramic Mantel
Large natural gas fireplace
Like stone mantels, ceramic mantels are precast using ceramic tiles or solid units. One can always choose the tiles for making a ceramic mantel. Ceramic mantels give you the option of customization depending on the room interior.
Concrete Mantel
Brick fireplace wall
Concrete is known for its durability and versatility. Its qualities like good fire resistance and heat retention render it suitable for making fireplace mantels. As this material is easy to mold into various shapes, it becomes a good choice for making customized mantels. It also provides a vast range of color options as compared to other materials like marble, wood etc.
A pre-decided budget can help you in selecting a mantel for your fireplace. A brick or wooden mantel will be suitable, if you have monetary restrictions. A reasonable expenditure can fetch you a stone mantel. However, if you are willing to spend more, you can always opt for the best looking mantels made up of metal or marble. A fireplace mantel can definitely accentuate the interior of any room therefore, make a wise choice and enjoy the warmth of the fire and the elegance of your mantel!
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