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Types of Beds

Types of Beds
There are many types of beds, which people like to have for their kids, as well as for themselves. Let's learn about such great varieties mentioned here.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018
If you had to sleep on a bed whose legs are wobbling, and the mattress is as hard as a rock, you will definitely not get a good night's sleep. Beds should be the most comfortable bedroom furniture in the house, since you need a sound sleep after a hard day's work.
Thus, when you want to get yourself a good and comfortable one, always make sure that you pick the right one. Other than comfort, people also like to have good looking and attractive ones, which match the interiors of their bedrooms. To help you pick one, which is both comfortable and stylish, we have a few suggestions for you.
Different Styles Available
When you have a good sleep on a comfortable bed, you will surely wake up with a great mood, filled with enthusiasm and ready to face the day's work. Some people like to have the regular ones, which suit their homes and are not very stylish, and some people like to have the ones, which are custom-made and uniquely designed.
Some are made in a particular way for adjustment purposes in case of small bedrooms, while some are made to occupy maximum space in case of larger ones. Thus, with such a variety of demands and patterns available to make these, you can't fall out of choices.
Air Beds
Young couple in their new apartment
This variety is actually an inflatable type of bed arrangement, which is very flexible and easy to use. All you need to do is to fill some air in a leather bag, which is shaped as a double bed, and place it wherever you wish.
Portable air bed and pillow
You can move it around, refill it, take it to camping sites, have a comfortable sleep on it, and when not needed, fold it and keep it away. You can make these air mattress varieties permanent by placing different types of bed sheets on them to make them look like real furniture.
For people who can't afford to get wood or wrought iron furniture made due to space restrictions, this variety is the best choice for them.
Adjustable Beds
Queen-size pull out sofa-bed light brown fabric and storage space.
These are also a very convenient choice, as there are many factors like space, security, comfort, and budget, which are taken care of.
Full-size sofa bed light brown fabric and hidden storage system.
People who live in smaller apartments, with no separate bedroom can simply get these stylish and comfortable adjustable varieties, which can be made into a sofa, cabinet, tables, or any other furniture piece in the living room. These are a great choice for flexible and smart furniture.
Blue Child Room
They also come in many shapes and sizes for kids. There are many plastic car varieties for kids, which are also adjustable in nature. Cabin, futon, murphy, and sofa varieties come under this category.
Loft Beds
Empty kids room
For those kids and adults, who like to have their world close to them, this variety is the perfect choice. These are space saving, and give the room a very systematic look, with the bed, study table, book shelves, drawers, dressing and a closet in the same area.
Kids room
This bed is usually placed in such a way that it is a few feet above the floor, and below it or to its side are the study table, dresser, closet, and shelves. There is ample storage space in it, and it also uses very little room space.
3d rendered image of a mountain bedroom with bunk bed
These look great in kids' rooms, but there are many such varieties for adults as well, who have smaller rooms. Bunk varieties are also a design included in this type of arrangement.
Wooden Beds
Brown wooden bed with tan sheets on a wooden surface
These are the usual ones, which we get made, or purchase to match the rest of the furniture in the house. These can be double or single and are usually the most convenient and comfortable among all.
Wooden double bed in loft
They are meant for bedrooms, which require larger beds, and can be made in many styles and patterns. There are a number of adjustable ones, which can also be made with wood, where you can choose the types of bed frames.
The canopy variety with curtain holders, sleigh beds, toddler varieties like cribs, and platform varieties with drawers which have flat features like the Chinese furniture, all come under this category.
Trundle varieties for adults and kids are wooden adjustable ones, which have an extra mattress drawer below the main one.
With such a variety available, you can simply choose the ones that look the best in your home and are convenient for you. So, make the right choice and sleep well.