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Two-Toned Wall Painting Ideas

Two-Toned Wall Painting Ideas
Planning to add some creativity to painting your home? Well, two-toned wall painting ideas are ruling the canvas this season. Get some of these here, and get ready as we splash your walls with fun and creativity.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2019
Home decorating has one basic, get the right base of color in there. Once you get it at its best, the interiors will have more reason to charm you. When it comes to choosing the color for painting the house, it sure pours rainbows! With each one having a different taste and liking, it may get confusing.
Modern interior with orange walls and fireplace
There is another aspect in painting that has taken a leap in creativity. Coloring the walls in a simple coat of color is out and we have fresh designs, patterns that you can choose to paint the wall. Amongst these, the concept of two-toned wall painting is getting popular.
So is it just like the name sounds, painting the wall using two shades of color? Well, yes, but in different ways and styles. It is not that difficult, let this not sound like an assignment one has in a design class. So come on, you don't need to possess the hand of Picasso to be interested.
All it takes is some color, energy, and simple yet creative ideas! Here is the deal, you get the colors and some helping hands, while we give you some fun and easy two-toned wall painting ideas. Get ready to roll the buckets as we travel through these ideas.
Ideas on Painting Walls with Two Colors
Before we narrow down to the ideas, choose the colors that you want. We know this is tough, but simply choose what suits the interior of the room or rather what suits your likes and taste. In case of space crunches, play with lighter shades in contrast with minimum dark shades. If there is much space to play on, we can have more dark tones.
The reason being, the room should not look suffocating with darkness on all sides, plus dark colors tend to make the space look smaller, while some light shades can spring lots of light and eventually space. Once through these, choose the design and pattern. Which is precisely what is listed here.
The Better - Half
This makes the most common yet popular idea. Choose two colors and divide your wall in two halves horizontally. Now, here you can play with the space that you want to allot each of the color to. Usually a larger bottom half will give more visual length.
Choose any two colors, paint the first half with one color, once dried, use tape to seal the boundary of the color, now paint the second half. This will give you a superb finish. You can also leave a small border where the two colors meet. This white space can be more appealing.
Ribbon Stripes
Interior luxury apartment, comfortable dining room
Want to get yourself living in a wrapped gift box? This idea is inspired from the same. Now coat your wall with your favorite color, a single shade. Now where you divide the wall into two (horizontally), mark a band of 2 to 6 inches. This will be the ribbon part of the wall.
Now paint this strip with a contrasting color with the background. You may also want to leave some white space on both or either sides of this stripe, to make it look more appealing.
For a more enhanced look, you can create some texture with sponge or brush either the background or on the stripe of paint (this technique is explained here). A pleasant looking wall - gift is ready!
Stencil Class
Luxury Living Room
For the more urban look on the walls, with a dash of sophistication, here is an idea, that can help you get your favorite designs on the wall. Paint the wall with a base color, now this need not be a lighter shade only, you may choose dark shades too.
Using a stencil cut out designs in a specific size. These stencil designs for walls can be geometrical shapes, floral designs or leaf motif designs. You can use your creativity here to choose. Now simply fix this stencil on the wall in a specific pattern.
For example, in lines (horizontal or vertical), random pattern, over lapping pattern, etc. You can also rotate or tilt the stencil in different places for a scattered look. Now carefully paint the inside of the stencil, one can also choose to paint stencil edges instead (that is the outside).
A spray gun or similar will be required for this with a keen hand on it. For more depth and dimension, use different shades of one color for the stencil (a shade lighter or darker or both).
Color Splash
Interior with armchairs and floor lamp
Who would not like some fun when painting? Invite some of your best buddies home, cover the floor and furnishings properly. Give a base color to the wall, and with the brush size of your choice, simply dip in color.
Now splash the color on the wall, (you will have to shake the brush, like you are trying to get rid of the paint in it). Try different directions and different sizes of brush, and be careful to evenly distribute the color splash on the entire wall. Have fun!
Texture Mania
Woman in gray living room
For those who want an even look on the wall, yet with two colors, textures are the best idea. You will need to paint the wall with a base color, let it dry. Once dried, use a similar shade, lighter or darker than the base color, or you can use a contrast color too for the textures.
Use a sponge or a brush, dip it in color and create brisk strokes on the wall, either circular, or simply by dabbing the brush or sponge on the wall. Remember to take minimum color in them, as too much color will not give you any texture.
You can also use a fabric that has a defined texture, crumple it to make a cloth ball and use it for the textures. After the paint has dried nearly (80%), lightly dab a clean cloth or sponge on the texture to even out the look. Here too, you can create depth and dimension with different shades of the same color.
These were some simple yet creative two-toned wall painting ideas. Add some more with your imagination. Style is all about creating one for your self, the way you like it. So get some color running through for a unique wall makeover!