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Jazz Up Your Bedroom With These Amazing Twin Murphy Bed Ideas

Twin Murphy Bed
Finding space saving options for home decoration has now become a dire need of time. A twin Murphy bed is one of the best options that you have if you want to save space. It is one of the space saving and creative options that are available today.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Jan 8, 2019
A Murphy bed, which is also known as wall bed or pull down bed, is the best space saving furniture article that you may install in your dwelling. These beds are hinged at one side and hence they can be stored vertically when not needed.
In order to make the saved space a lot more useful, they are often stored inside a cabinet or closet with visible bookshelves, wardrobe or showcase at the outer side. In order to keep the mattress on place, it is typically secured with elastic straps.
Twin Murphy Bed Dimensions
There are two ways in which you can add Murphy bed in your dwelling. First one is to build the Murphy bed on your own and other one is to install those Murphy bed kits that are available on the market. However, in either of the case, you may need to be aware of the dimensions of the bed first.
Here is a chart that describes approximate dimensions of twin Murphy wall beds if you are planning to build a twin bed at your home. In the chart below, the term projection refers to the dimension from the wall to the outside Murphy bed frame when the bed is opened.
Vertical Position

Projection : 82 ¾"
Height : 82 ¾"
Width : 44 ½"
Depth : 18"

Horizontal Position

Projection : 46 ½"
Height : 48 ½"
Width : 79"
Depth : 18"
Ideas and Options
Vertical Bunk Bed
Vertical Bunk Bed
This is an extremely space saving and trendy design. However, remember that this design contains two single beds, and hence, it is ideal for twins. This design incorporates two single beds that are mounted on wall in vertical position.
This bed design offers quick sleeping arrangements but the absence of railing for the top bed, makes it a wrong choice for children.
Storage Shelf Bed
Storage Shelf Bed
Looking from the outside, this bed model looks like a single bunk bed. The second bed is concealed at the bottom and is hidden till the time you expand it.
The shelves on the other hand are hinged at one end and hence they can be moved without disturbing the objects that are set atop. The best thing is that this bed can be installed in horizontal position and hence it saves a lot of space in your dwelling.
Sofa Murphy Bed
Sofa Murphy Bed
A sofa Murphy bed is the perfect twin Murphy wall bed model that can be installed in a dwelling. When you get the mounted bed down, the sofa upholstery and the shelf, are concealed underneath the bed.
The shelf comes with one hinged side. This is an ideal sleeping arrangement for studio apartments.
Desk Murphy Bed
Murphy bed is ideal for students since it is a great combination of desk, shelves and a twin bed. It can also bed installed in one room houses and people who live in smaller living areas. When the bed is mounted on wall, the shelves and desk can be used. When you dismount the bed, the desk and the shelves are concealed underneath the bed.
Revolving Murphy Bed
This bed is also known as curled up bed, In this design, the twin bed is completely concealed behind the shelves and a desk. When you want to expand the bed, you first need to hide all the shelves by closing their closet like structure. Once you do that, you will see the wall mounted bed at the inside.
Roof Murphy Bed
This is one of the most unconventional Murphy bed designs that can be used. As the name suggests, these beds are mounted at the roof and they look like drop ceiling. The complications in these mechanism of these Murphy beds makes them one of the high-end Murphy bed models.
Once you decide the appropriate design, there are a few more things that are needed to be worked out for your plans. These things include the materials that you want. In general, wood, particle board, MDF and plywood, etc., are the popularly used Murphy bed materials.
Complexity of the design and materials that you choose, play a major role in determination of cost of these Murphy beds.