These Cool and Classy TV Stand Ideas are Too Good to Miss

TV Stand Ideas
To curb the clutter of CDs and DVDs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, remote, etc., get organized with an elegant TV stand that accommodates all. Scroll down to get some amazing TV stand design ideas.
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Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018
Cost-effective DIY!
You can refurbish your old, unused dresser, complementing it with your living room's decor; transform it into a TV stand. Play with its drawers. You can get rid of the front and back of the drawers and pit them back again.
Okay! You have just got rid of your Plain Jane television and have got a fantastic, jet black, mind-blowing HDTV. It is so good that you just cannot stop ranting about it to others and drooling over it―the shiny black color, the flat screen, and picture quality which is par excellence. Right now, you have made a makeshift stand for your prized possession, but you are looking at getting a proper TV stand for it. Trust me, if the television stand is not good―in appearance, convenience and height, even the best of TVs will not be able to give you a great watching experience. We give you ideas to redesign your home interior with TV stands, so that you can sit back and enjoy the watching experience.
TV Stand Design Ideas
The Conventional Types
Television stands
Well, all the television stands are readily available at reasonable prices, and comprise shelves or drawers for storage of CDs/DVDs, audio-video components, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and other accessories, etc. Also, if you have an antique shelf or a table which is sturdy enough, well, think of it as a place to set your TV! You can also look out for wall mounts for a flat screen.
Wenge your TV
Wooden TV stands
If you want a rustic feel at your home, go in for the woody theme, opt for a wooden TV stand. This adds warmth to the ambiance of the room. Team it with rustic décor and cozy couches.
If White is your Pick
TV stands
Nothing can beat the serenity of an all-white interior! Well, the minimalist modern decor calls for white accents. You can even paint your walls with a nice, solid color, and have a TV stand with adjustable shelves, coated with a finished acrylic paint.
Go Chromatic!
TV Stands
For a contemporary and unusual look, try chrome inserts. The glassy semblance looks magnificent in a room with white and black walls. Have glass doors that don't come in your way while you're struggling with your remote. Most modern interior designs comprise chrome as the main element.
Try Some Combinations
TV Stands
Combine different elements such as―wood, chrome accents, white coats, etc., for your specialized television stand. You can infuse mirrors on the shelves, or play with textures.
At the end of the day, the convenience and ease of watching TV and utilization of minimal space is what matters. As far as it is taken care of, hanging it or keeping it on a dresser hardly makes a difference, right? We hope you got the picture! Happy TV viewing!
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