TV Cabinet Designs

Puja Lalwani Jan 10, 2019
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Designs for TV cabinets are getting simpler, but much more aesthetically appealing, by the day. Get inspired by these beautiful ideas!
As times have changed, so have the ways in which people perceive design. From large and bulky to simple and minimalistic, design trends are continuously changing. One such item which has been evolving over the years is the TV cabinet.
From being placed on a small stool  to a full-fledged Victorian cabinet, see how they have come a long way. When talking about TV cabinet designs in today's context, it has to  accommodate a flat screen TV, a home theater system with a spot for an amplifier, a DVD player, a set top box, and a DVD storage.
If you are a gaming freak, you will also need space for your console, its accessories, and CDs. You may not include all of these, and your TV cabinet can be tailored to your requirements. But of course, more room means more stuff to accommodate in these cabinets, like books, accessories, etc. So, what kind of a TV cabinet do you want?

Choosing an appropriate design

Deciding on a design for your TV cabinet requires you to take into account a number of things
These are just a drop in the ocean of ideas. You have to then decide on the size of the TV, and whether it will be placed on the cabinet or mounted on the wall. Further, do you want your cabinet to be just large enough to fit all the necessities, or an entire wall that is covered with shelves, racks, and other items to make it the highlight of the room?
Considering all these ideas will help you decide what it is that you want from your TV cabinet. Here are some concepts that are not just design ideas for TV cabinets, but concepts around which you can create a beautiful focal point.

Option 1

Keep it as simple and minimalistic as possible, with a simple glass shelf below a wall-mounted TV, with a CD rack on the side. To highlight the wall, paint it in a light textured shade to keep it simple and beautiful. This is ideal if the TV is placed in your bedroom

Option 2

A low-lying wooden cabinet with a couple of drawers and open spaces is a great idea too. For instance, a plain white wooden cabinet that is placed on the floor, about one foot tall, with two central open drawers to place your gadgets, and some extra drawers just in case is sufficient.
If the wall is long, have a cabinet that is just as long. Place the TV off the center of the cabinet, and use the rest of the cabinet top to accessorize with tall vases, statuettes, pebbles, plants, lamps, etc.
Since the entire wall is open, you can go for a wall-mounted cabinet that can be used to place books or other necessary items. Again, the wall can be painted in a dark shade to contrast the white cabinet.

Option 3

Cover the entire span of the wall with wooden paneling and cabinetry to make the most of the space. A tall cabinet that runs from floor to the window height, with glass doors that showcase beautiful accessories within, can be one of the items that makes this TV cabinet.
You can use a place a low-level plank beneath the TV. The TV will be mounted on the wooden panel behind. For additional storage, place a few open box shelves to keep CDs, or just display some of your prized possessions. Since you are using so much wood, ensure that the rest of the room is decorated in lighter colors, else it will become too overbearing.

Option 4

Use a combination of glass, wood, and mirrors to create a stunning focal point in the room. For instance, the wood paneling in Option Three can be converted into a mirrored panel behind the TV. This panel need not be in regular mirror, you can also use colored mirrors.
If you find the mirror too distracting, you can use an etched one with a few open patches in the form of horizontal or vertical lines, circles, or other geometric and abstract shapes. Keep the cabinet simple for the basics, and have the doors or drawers of the cabinets made in glass instead of wood.
These are some simple concepts that can be improvised by your creativity and personal taste. Mix and match, look around, and see what suits your taste to come up with a unique and interesting TV cabinet design for your home.
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