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Tips for Buying a Trundle Bed Mattress That are Pure Gold

Tips for Buying a Trundle Bed Mattress
Trundle beds, which are also called trumple beds, allow you to keep two beds in the space of one during daytime. The second bed is stored under the main bed. Mattresses for such kind of beds should be soft and thin so that the extra bed could easily accommodate in. If you have a small bedroom, or say a studio apartment, then trundle bed is your thing.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Conventional beds take up a lot of floor space. Most of the time, when you have guests coming for an overnight stay, you feel the need for an extra bed. Well, if you have faced this situation many times, you might benefit by getting a trundle bed, which is a small-sized adjustable bed that rests on rollers and casters. It is smaller than the main bed and can be stored under it. So, when you need an extra bed, you can pull out the smaller bed from underneath. This way you can add valuable space. When you are not using the bed, you can remove the mattress and use the space for storage purposes.

You can either buy a pulled-out bed or a pop-up bed. The former, as the name suggests, is a low-lying bed that simply needs to be pulled out from under the main bed, whereas in case of the latter, the lower bed can be raised to the same height as that of the main bed. This way, you can turn the single bed into a double bed. While adults can sleep on the pop-up type, small trundle beds that can be pulled out work well for children.
Though some beds come with mattresses, if you are buying a mattress separately, make sure that you buy one that will support the natural curve of the spine. The height and thickness must be right. Since these beds are designed to fit under the main bed, there are limitations as far as the height of the mattress is concerned. Besides that, you need to consider the aspects that you would, while buying any other mattress.
Tips for Buying a Mattress for a Trundle Bed
There are a variety of options regarding the types of mattresses. You can check out the innerspring, memory foam, or latex mattresses.
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▣ Before purchasing a mattress, do remember that the trundle bed mattress dimensions are dependent on the size of the bed. Remember to note down the size, else you might end up purchasing a mattress that may not fit into the bed body comfortably.
▣ Make sure that the mattress is not less than 8 inches thick.
▣ If you have a pop-up bed, the dimensions of both the mattresses need to be the same, so that the bed will stay level.
▣ The mattress should be able to provide comfort and support to the spine. Since sleeping on an extremely fluffy or very firm mattress can cause back problems, buy a medium-firm mattress that provides proper support to the spine.
▣ The mattress should feel comfortable. Before purchasing it, test it by sitting and lying down on it.
▣ Softer mattresses are better suited for side sleepers, whereas medium-firm mattresses are suitable for those who sleep on their back.
If you still are a little unsure about the type of mattress you should buy, you could go through mattress reviews to get a better idea.

Trundle beds are great space savers and truly a blessing when you have guests coming over for sleepovers, just make sure that you buy a comfortable mattress that will provide much-needed support to the spine.