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Tropical Interior Design Ideas

Tropical Interior Design Ideas
A tropical theme is great to implement in a house. It makes the interiors feel relaxing. This article lists several interior decorating ideas for you to implement in your home.
Aastha Dogra
Everyone loves going to the sea. The fresh breeze, the cool sand, those swaying palm trees are relaxing and rejuvenating in a way that no other location is. Tropical-themed interiors, if done appropriately, can create the same scenery, and arouse the same feelings in a person that only the seaside can. Here are a few tips for styling your interiors in this theme.
In a tropical house, woven furniture looks very good. Wicker or bamboo furniture is the ideal choice. If you like solid wood, you can go in for walnut or teak furniture. Go for a conservative, heavy-weight kind of look rather than modern-looking furniture. As for the floors, go for hardwood flooring and avoid having any kind of rugs or carpets on the floor.
Color Scheme
While choosing a color scheme for the fabrics and walls, stick to colors which are close to nature such as green, blue, and white. Beige and light brown, which remind people of sand, go really well with this theme, especially if used for the walls. If you like bright colors, then you can use hues of colors that remind you of green vegetation and exotic tropical flowers. Highlights of orange, yellow, violet, or pink can enliven the house.
Try not to use curtains with this theme. Use roll-up blinds made of bamboo instead. Hardwood shutters and wooden blinds are some other options which you can use in place of curtains. These will give the windows a clutter-free and simple look, which is most suitable for serene tropical interiors. For cushion covers, bed covers, and other fabrics in the house, go for prints which have bold flowers and green vegetation-like designs on them.
Accessories are perhaps the most essential part of giving your house a tropical feel. Plants make this theme complete. Make use of as many plants as you can, and place them in different corners of your house. Plants with tropical flowers will look extremely beautiful in the house.
While choosing wall hangings or pictures, look for the ones which have flowers, trees, streams of water, or animals on them; basically all things that remind you of nature. Shells and corals kept in earthen pitchers also look really nice. When choosing accessories for your home, remember not to go overboard; subtlety is the key for a sophisticated look.
A tropical theme is very easy to implement, and can give your house a very airy and relaxing feeling.
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