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Home Decorating With Tropical Furniture: Set Up the Lush Feel

Home Decorating with Tropical Furniture
Tropical furniture is one of the trendiest things in home decor these days. Read on for some suggestions about how to use it to accessorize your home.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2018
Dining Room
The tropical home decoration style uses traditional themes interspersed with touches of fresh appeal. This decoration for your home means creating a minimalist look with lush overtones.
Oriental Style Tropical Bedroom
It involves mixing intricate patterns and plenty of texture with a few large sized accessories along with simple details
Motifs and Colors
Empty Dining Rattan Furniture Set
Some of the common tropical home décor motifs are rattan furniture, grass-cloth, leather, palm trees, animal prints, monkeys, tropical fish, seashell, and broad-leafed banana plants.
Dining Room
Tropical ambiance is achieved by neutral colors like pale yellow, mellow gold, dark brown, tan, camel skin shades, beige, and ivory. Also, green that ranges from olive green to jade green to bottle green to bluish green to yellowish green. Accents are created by using dull reds, black, and mahogany brown.
This kind of tropical decorating themes can not only be used in family rooms and living rooms, but also look great in bathrooms and even in master suites.
One of the basic elements in a room decorated with a tropical décor theme is upholstered, comfortable furniture. Horizontally oriented long lines emphasize a casual ambiance, adding to a restful environment. 
Living Room
If you want to take your décor plans on a grandiose scale, then use taller elements like screens, artwork, or plants. Furniture made of lighter wood are great for that tropical look, but only when they are combined with lamps and dark tables.
Long Table And Chairs
Accent pieces in rattan, wrought iron, bamboo, and wicker are also a must. In fact, rattan furniture and dark wood are a great combo for a tropical style of furnishing. Rattan furniture really creates a natural look because it is made from a tropical tree.
Tropical tree grows in jungles of South India and Sri Lanka. They can be used as decoration pieces beside writing desks, or tropical style computer cabinets. It is durable and flexible, with wrapped knobby joints.
Upscale All Weather Outdoor Wicker
Wicker furniture pieces are also an integral part of tropical décor. Wicker furniture is created by weaving together strands of vine or grass. Bamboo, which is a thick kind of grass that grows in tropical forests, is also used to make furniture.
Living Room Set
All these natural materials are woven or fashioned into sofas, chairs, tables, divans or backless couches, cabinets, and various other accent pieces. Not only are they beautiful, but are also lightweight, durable, easy to maintain, and are also eco-friendly.
Rattan Garden Furniture
Rattan, wicker and bamboo furniture and accent pieces can be combined with furniture made from tropical wood like teak, mahogany and ebony. Exotic hardwoods like koa and rosewood also make very beautiful tropical furniture. 
Furniture made from this kind of wood are given extra tropical tones by having motifs like palm leaves, tropical flowers, trees, and pineapples carved on them.
The fabrics of the upholstery should be neutral colored chenilles or any other natural fabric like khadi, a coarse homespun cotton made in India, or even raw silk, especially for the major pieces of furniture. While chairs and ottomans can have upholstery with leafy designs and jungle prints.
Tropical Furniture
Since you will be using large leafy prints and animal prints fairly extensively it is best not to overdo the accessories when using tropical décor in your home. However, here are some accessories that you can use:
  • Wicker vases with artificial tropical flowers
  • Wall tapestries with palm leaves, flowers or palm trees
  • Tropical style table lamps
  • Palm plant (artificial or real), or other tropical plants
  • Indigenous art and artifacts (antique tables, chest of drawers, et al)
  • Seashells and conches
  • Paintings or pictures of tropical trees, animals, or landscapes
  • Decorative wooden or bamboo screens
  • Throw pillows with palm leaf or floral patterns
  • Tropical shower curtains for the bathroom
  • Jute rugs
Tropical Garden Furniture
Poolside Wicker Chairs
You can have the tropics inside as well as outside.
Patio Glass Top Wicker Dining Table
You will find plenty of tropical garden furniture made of molave wood, bamboo, wicker, rattan, and wrought iron.
Teak Patio Bench
Hardwoods are stylish as well as able to withstand the elements. Look for bamboo benches, bars, lounge chairs and patio sets.