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Tropical Bedroom Ideas

Arjun Kulkarni Dec 3, 2018
Want to make every night a vacation? Here's how you can get the Bahamas to your home!
Don't you just love the sun and the sand? Or the trees and the rain? Well, if you can bring the beautiful tropics into your bedroom, you can save yourself the hassle of going there! No need to mention that you can enjoy this ambiance all yearlong!

Tropical Bedroom Decorating Ideas

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a word 'tropics'? It is either beaches or the dense rainforests. Fair enough as they both lie in the tropics.

Beach Themed Ideas

Well, if you enjoy the nice laid back ambiance that the beaches provide, why not decorate your bedroom so? Just think of all the colors you see on the beaches. You could go wild while painting by using warm, light colors like sea blue, light green, or even yellow.
You could also try a sea-waves like texture on the walls. Let the paint make your room look sunny and casual. Painting it in cream colors will make it look too royal. What you need is a laid-back, cool looking color.
Murals depicting the beaches are a very good tropical bedroom design. For the furniture, you could get beautiful sea-blue colored bed sheets and pillow-cases. Also, you could have a mud or sand colored headboard on the beds. Keep the furniture a little scattered and color it in mahogany shades.
Carpets would generally not suit such a bedroom and would be difficult to maintain as well. One eye-popping scheme is to have plastic pen-stands or light stands made in coconut design! Fancy that! Also, this room will have to be brightly lit as well. Another secret to having a beach like effect is to have largish windows and good ventilation.
This kind of bedroom is ideal if you're living a bit away from the hustle-bustle of the town and it is pretty windy. It'll surely get the beach home effect!

Forest Themed Ideas

The best part about this theme is it would look absolutely normal even in a downtown NY pad! And if you are crazy about the evergreen forests, these ideas are just for you. The nice darkish environment will spice up your sex life too!
Let's start with the walls again. You can paint them in a shade of really dark green. Try to texture them again. Murals will work here too. Wallpapers are a cheaper option, but getting them in the exact color might be a wee-bit difficult.
You could make the bed and furniture in dark brown wood color with white and green bed sheets and pillowcases. You could put in one of those extra thick mattresses. A blanket in animal patterns would be really wild!
One of the things for those with the luxury of a big budget could be, usage of hanging fountains. That will even get the sound of a tropical forest in your bedroom! You could also accessorise it with a few indoor plants. However, never keep too many plants as they let out carbon dioxide at night.
Just keep a couple of exotic looking ones, like a small Chinese bamboo plant. You could also keep a plastic replica if you get one that looks convincing enough. You could also keep some wild flowers, but make sure you change them regularly, otherwise they'll start stinking and dampen a perfect ambiance.
Try installing prefinished hardwood floors in a slightly different shade of dark brown. The lighting here should be dark to create a dramatic contrast. Use wood textured light stands. Both white lights and bulbs can work well with this kind of a room.
Making them may be a bit tough as getting the right combination of furniture etc., might be a bit hard. However, when it falls into place, it is going to look worth all the time and effort you've put in!