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Tropical Bedroom Decor

Bidisha Mukherjee Dec 3, 2018
Designing your bedroom in the tropical theme is really an interesting project. However, you have to pay attention to every minute detail to get the right ambiance inside the bedroom. Here's a brief overview on tropical bedroom decor.
The best part in the decor of a tropic-themed bedroom is that you do not have to spend huge amounts of money. For this, you require the right kind of furniture, right color scheme, and right accessories. The main aim of this decoration is that the look and feel of the bedroom should be that of a tropical island inside your bedroom.

Colors Scheme for the Walls

The wall color of the bedroom will set the right background for the tropical theme. The color scheme should have a relaxing effect, which is a must for any bedroom. Shades of blue or green on the walls will remind you of the natural beauty of the tropics.
You can accentuate these colors further by adding crisp white trims. Even shades of yellow have their own warmth and brightness. Other suitable options available are neutral beige or white, sand colors, or the colors of the sunrise or sunset.
Instead of using paints on the walls, you can give a tropical touch to your bedroom with the help of textured wallpapers. Grass-textured wallpapers can give a typical tropical feel to your bedroom. Adding wall murals with pictures of beaches, palm trees, and coconut trees can also help to provide a distinctive tropical look and feel.

Flooring and Ceiling

While decorating a tropical bedroom, never use usual fabric carpets on the floor. Instead, hardwood flooring can give you the desired look.
A tile flooring covered with neutral rugs made up of natural materials like jute or seagrass is a good option as well. Ceilings can be painted blue, and sponge painting can be used to create white clouds.
Another interesting way of adding a natural texture to the ceiling is to use natural bamboo to cover them up. It is also an convenient, as well as inexpensive, way of hiding the cracks and defects in the ceiling. You can also put up a textured wallpaper.

Bedroom Furniture

The right choice of furniture is a must for a tropic-themed bedroom. In order to get an authentic look, you have to include furniture made of actual teak, mahogany, ebony, and other such exotic hardwoods. You cannot use oak or pine wood for this purpose.
Bed is the important piece of furniture in any bedroom. Have a bed with the frame made of rich mahogany wood. If the bedroom size is large, keep a canopy bed made of bamboo. Combine it with other wicker or rattan furniture to give a classy look.

Bedroom Accessories

Buy accessories that are consistent with the tropical theme. Pineapple and seashell motifs dominate these type of decorations. You can use these motifs in cushions, chair seats, window valances, etc.
Hawaiian prints look great as table covers or furniture upholstery. Bed sheets can be of a single color if you use a lot of decorative pillows around the bed.
A large picture frame with photos of pine trees can offset neutral colored walls beautifully. Place a houseplant in a small pot in one corner, use seashells to decorate the mirrors and lampshades. Take a small bowl, fill it up with sand, and put some seashells in it, and use it to hold candles.
While decorating kid's room in a tropical theme, you can use stuffed toys like monkeys, lizards, and toucans, and keep them all across the room. You can use your own imagination and creativity to add things that will be helpful in enhancing the look of your bedroom.