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Triple Curtain Rods

Triple Curtain Rods

If you are thinking to give a layered, dressy look to your windows, triple curtain rods are exactly what you need. Read on to know more about them, including their size, price, installation and designs available...
Aastha Dogra
For anyone undertaking an interior decoration project, it is very important that each and every aspect of the room, be it furniture or fabrics or flooring or wall décor, is given due importance. If you think creatively, each of these important elements, that add up to lend a certain character to the room, can be made to look interesting and attractive. Speaking of fabric, these days, the latest trend that has caught the fancy of many a home owners is to give the windows a layered curtain look. No longer the curtains are hung on windows to simply maintain the inhabitant's privacy. Nowadays, with the layered curtain look, windows can be made the focal point in any room!

When it comes to giving your windows a layered look, instead of the regular single rods that are normally used to hang curtains, you would need the triple curtain rods, that are especially created for this purpose. With the help of this piece of hardware, you can easily hang three styles of curtains, together, to give your windows a unique appeal. Let us know a bit more about them.

Triple Curtain Rod Sets

The Make...
A triple curtain rod comes with three metal arms, from which you can hang the curtains. You do not need to invest in any special brackets as these can be hung from the regular bracket on the window. They come with adjusters, using which the rod can be adjusted to fit any window size. Although, if you are really particular, you can order for the customized triple rods as well, which are specifically designed to fit a particular window. These will, however, pinch your pocket as they are way too expensive. Hence, a better idea is to go in for the adjustable triple rods which can fit in any window size. Also, if your window is very large, you can buy extenders and increase the length of the curtain rods, to match your window size.

As mentioned above, the length of the rod can be shortened and extended, depending upon your requirement. This makes them very handy, adjustable and convenient to use. That's not all, installing them is not much of a problem either. They can be installed in the same way as the regular one arm curtain rod. With the brackets that come attached with the rods, these can be easily mounted on the wall, over any window.

The Price, Size and Design...
Curtain triple rods are available in various sizes, which can go up to ten feet in length. Of course, with the help of extenders, you can add about two to three feet to this length. As for the price, it depends upon the size that you are going in for as well as the design of the curtain rod. The prices can range anywhere between $20 to $100. When buying triple curtain rods, go in for the ones which have a quality finish and no exposed edges, as it will lend your window treatment a very neat look. If you want to make them a part of your décor, you can find rods which come with decorative finials, in brass, silver, bronze, white and black color. So, choose the one that matches your décor the most.

Window Treatments...
The main reason why people go in for triple curtain rods is to create decorative window treatment styles in the room. A very popular way of doing this is by hanging sheers, valance and curtains made from thick fabrics that can be tied on the side. Sheers are made from a very delicate material and thus, let the natural sunlight come in the room. Sheers come in attractive colors, sometimes with embroidery on them and thus, are left open to add to the room décor. Sheers however, do not offer much privacy. This is where the layer of thick curtain fabric comes in. These thick curtains are tied on the side, if someone wants the room to breathe and feel spacious. On the other hand, when the inhabitants want privacy, this curtain is left open. The topmost layer of the window treatment i.e. valance, is just about a foot in length. It is simply added to enhance the look of the window treatments.

Whether it is shower, bedroom or bay window curtain rods in the living room, you need to invest in a good one, for a unique layered look in your room. So, go ahead and get this useful, attractive piece of hardware, to lend a unique dimension and numerous, beautiful layers to your room!