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Triple Bunk Bed Ideas That are Real and Completely Terrific

Triple Bunk Bed Ideas
Lack of space or using the available space economically can be one of the motives of installing bunk beds. These unusual type of beds are a huge hit among children, though while building them, safety can be a major concern. Double or even triple bunk beds are easy to build, with little or no woodworking experience.
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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Simple Frame Plan
simple frame triple bunk bed
This is the simplest one, having a simple rectangular structure with even pillars, frames, and supports. If you want to know how to build triple bunk beds, this is the best plan that you can implement, as it does not involve many complications.
~ The entire unit stands upon 4 supports, which are joined by 3 frames to hold the mattresses at different levels.
~ The 3 frames are shaped like flat rectangular cubes. The mattresses fit inside these cube frames.
~ The upper edges of the cube rise out a little, so as to keep a person from rolling out of the bed while asleep.
~ This kind of bed is also the cheapest, and is made available in two materials: wood or iron.
~ Supports, however, have to be added by nailing in a slanted unit at the bottom. This is because this unit has a very bad center of gravity, and if pushed with a strong and powerful force, there is a possibility that it might topple over.
~ Moreover, make sure that you assemble the unit in the room itself, as moving the bed into the room afterwards is very difficult.
~ Make sure that you get a really strong, secure, and stable ladder.
L-Shaped Plan
l-shaped triple bunk bed
Sometimes, a room is not tall enough to accommodate a triple bunk bed very comfortably. In such a situation, an L shape is adopted. One segment holds two beds, while the other holds the third one at an upper level. The lower level of this segment can be adopted to make a desk, or a set of drawers, in order to save space.
~ Instead of the L shape, a T shape is also employed. The bottom bunk is kept perpendicular to the upper two, which are parallel to one another. It does not exactly save space, but is often used in order to make drawers and storage spaces within the bunk bed.
~ Such plans can also be used for twin or double bunk beds.
~ Note that these are substantially bulky, and moving them after assembling is very difficult.
~ The material cost is substantially more for these plans.
Creative Plans
creative triple bunk bed
There is no end to the creativity that you can use for designing bunk beds. Some manufacturing companies have introduced castle-shaped or house-shaped beds. The beds are of course quite bulky, and occupy a substantial space. Foldable sofa beds and loft beds have also come to prominence. Do not opt for these if you are looking for cheap, effort-free triple bunk bed plans.
Bunk beds need a lot of planning. Hence, consider the size and measurements of the room where you want to place them. Visit as many furniture shops and websites to get an idea of the broadest possible spectrum of products, before finalizing your design.