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Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

A tray ceiling is a recessed or an inverted ceiling that looks like an upside-down serving tray. Scroll down to learn about tray ceiling paint ideas and designs.
Smita Pandit
When it comes to beautifying the interiors of our home, we spend a lot of time thinking about the flooring options, wall paint colors and other ways to decorative the walls. However, we don't pay attention to the ceiling design. Well, you will be surprised to see what innovative ceiling designs can do to the look of your home. If you make use of attention-grabbing colors and designs, the ceilings can even become one of the most distinctive design features of your home. A great idea would be to get a tray ceiling in the living room, dining room or the hallways. This is a design where the ceiling looks like a tray that has been turned upside down. The variation in height that comes with the multiple levels of inversion can certainly add visual interest. Painting the center of the ceiling with a beautiful color will certainly accentuate its design. Here are a few tray ceiling paint ideas.

Decorating the Ceiling

This ceiling design is apt for the living room or dining area. This design works well for homes with a high ceiling. Home owners have the option of going for a recessed or an inverted tray ceiling. Recessed ceilings are more popular than the inverted ones. The center of the ceiling is at a greater height than the outer edges in a recessed ceiling. This often makes the room look spacious. A dropped or partially suspended ceiling could be installed in rectangular, octagon or square shapes. A beautiful light fixture in the center can certainly add visual appeal to this design. You can either use recessed lighting or have an elegant chandelier fitted in the center. Installing a crown molding can also give a lavish and traditional feel to your home. Painting the crown molding in a good color will certainly spice up the look of the room.

Plaster, wood or tiles can be used for giving a rich textured look. Lighting can enhance and draw attention to the beautiful texture and layers or levels of inversion created by the design. Wall covering can also make the ceilings look visually appealing. If you are willing to shell out more money, you can check out the design motifs. You should also check out different types of paint finishes. Patterned tiles or murals can be used to accentuate the ceiling. Applying decorative motifs or murals is also one of the most creative design ideas. Painting it with a good color can really make a great deal of difference.

Ideas for Painting the Ceiling

First of all, the ceiling must be painted in such a way that its shape is highlighted. You must choose the color carefully. Make an aesthetic choice while keeping your home decor in mind. If you like it simple, you can paint it in a shade that is a few shades darker than the walls. This way it might stand out. You can also paint it in a color that contrasts with the color of the walls or paint it according to the other elements of the room such as the curtains or upholstery. Make sure that the ceiling color blends well and accentuates the other design elements of the room.

If the room is not very big, you can paint it in lighter shades. A lighter ceiling color will make a small room look bigger. Though a darker shade might make a room look smaller, it can surely draw a lot of attention. So, keep the size of the room in mind while selecting the ceiling color. Painting the crown molding in darker shades is another effective way to accentuate the ceiling. Different types of faux finishes can be used for the molding and recess. If you are not too keen on having the usual rectangular recess, it would be a good idea to have an octagonal recess. To add visual appeal to the play room, you can have the ceiling painted in blue shade and have stars painted. Cloudy sky or starry night are very popular mural motifs.

The best way to add visual interest is to paint the ceiling and the layers of inversion in contrasting colors. If painted in a suitable shade, these aesthetically designed ceilings can definitely become the focal point of your home.
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