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Transom Window

Transom Window
Transom windows are the perfect type of windows you should include in your architectural endeavors if you are looking for added light and ventilation within any given interior space. Here, we tell you all that you need to know about these windows.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019
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Windows are meant for functional use, but there is so much more that they offer. Of course, their beauty lies in the fact that they allow the inflow of natural light, and ventilation.
However, they can be beautifully decorated, extended or reduced based on our needs and aesthetics, and designed in a manner to suit the architecture and interiors of a space. Similarly, the transom window is one such variety that can be used for its functional purpose as well as to enhance the beauty of an existing window.
If you notice a narrow window above an already existing window or door, you are looking at a transom window. Such windows are either openable to allow ventilation along with light, or can be fixed only for the purpose of allowing light to enter the room. They are available in fixed standard sizes, but can also be modified or customized to specific sizes.
Transom windows are primarily used for the purpose of enhanced aesthetic appeal. They go well with traditional or rustic interiors rather than contemporary or modern styles. Standard transom windows are rectangular in shape, but for enhanced aesthetics they may also be designed in other shapes such as circular shapes.
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These windows are also used in areas where adequate light and ventilation is not easily available. Such areas include attics and basements. Transom windows in easily accessible areas may be fixed for security purposes.
These are best used in areas where additional sunlight is much appreciated, such as in places where temperatures are extremely low.
Decorating Transom Windows
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These windows are perhaps the most versatile type of windows, as they can be decorated beautifully in several different manners. The most common and charming way in which they are enhanced is by using stain glass techniques.
Of course, this method of decoration looks best when these windows are used above regular windows and doors in houses designed in a traditional Victorian manner. Not only do they add value to the visual appeal, they also increase the value of the property they are used in.
To decorate these further, you may use some window dressing ideas. Valances, for instance, above these along with long drapes look elegant. By trying out this method you will find that the overall height of the room looks greater, and provides a feeling of spaciousness around.
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Sometimes, just placing a curtain above the main window and leaving the transom window bare is a great idea. Use curtains in shades that complement the architecture of the windows, and not those that contrast them blatantly.
Leaving the windows bare with curtains below is as a beautiful way of decorating them, as any of the aforementioned ideas.
For a transom that allows ample light to flow into a room, try applying a window tint with cut outs in abstract shapes on it. When the light filters through such a window, the effect in the room will be simply gorgeous and one worth looking out for.
You can cut the tint in shapes you like yourself, though it may be a slightly difficult task. It is ideal to get such film made from a professional. Alternately you may use window decals for a similar effect.
Finally, for another filtering effect, hang glass beads as a window treatment for the transom windows. These beads could serve as valances for your curtains, and when light flows in through them, you will find you room sparkling.
Don't go overboard with the glass beads as the overall effect may be disturbing. Just a few glass or crystal beads among regular beads should do the trick. The colors of these beads can be customized to suit the theme and d├ęcor of your room.
These versatile transom windows are useful for a lot of purposes in addition to being beautifully decorative. If you are in the process of having a home constructed, you can well incorporate these in your design in specific areas. They are sure to have a spellbinding effect when decorated appropriately.