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Traditional Bathroom Designs

Traditional Bathroom Designs
Traditional bathroom designs are still in vogue. They are decorated with metal finishes, ceramic floor pattern, and antique designs.
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Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018
Luxury Room
Bathing in a luxurious ambiance is probably the best way to soothe your body. Dating back to the ancient Roman era, we have come across various traditional bathroom designs that cast a mystic effect on the person taking a bath.
The charm of such designs is indeed different from conventional patterns. Classic traditional decor shall stay in style for decades due to its unique color combination, construction, and simplicity. Such bathrooms are usually decorated with aromatic candles, fresh flowers, and antique furniture.
Asian Style Washroom in Tropical Setting
Traditional bathrooms are usually molded with tropical styles, Roman designs, or early French patterns. Its characteristics include classic colors with ceramic floors and deep bathtubs. You can also apply the Mediterranean theme or opt for the Italian ornamentation.
If the room is huge, just adopt some of the best luxury designs unified with the classic look. Get the ideas from the following paragraphs.
Set the Theme
Jacuzzi Bath with Roman Columns
You need to set the theme first before infusing the designs. Every theme is unique in itself and different from others. You can select from the Tropical, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, French, or Roman themes.
Make sure that the design chosen by you complements the interior decor of your house. Let's see the popular color schemes, accessories, furniture, and other materials and fixatives.
Select the Color Scheme
Modern Bathroom With Sunken Bathtub
Colors for a traditional look can range from neutral shades to bright. A tropical theme sets well with dark or mute green colors with antique furniture and accessories.
Luxurious Bathroom
Terracotta tiles bear the history of Spanish decor. You can also blend hues of pale yellow and white for a classic French look. Shades of flamingo pink and white add a feminine touch.
Bathroom Modern Luxury Interior
If everything is painted with bright white, it looks most elegant. For an aqua look, just pick the shades of turquoise and sky blue. A Mediterranean theme usually has shades of brown and black. Thus, the choice is absolutely yours.
The Floor Design
Interior Of Luxurious Bathroom
The floor tiles embedded must complement the color of the walls. You can add a touch of French decor with intricately painted tiles for the vanity. Pair the sand colored tiles with rich wooden tones to render an understated theme.
Home Interior Design
Versatile designs are available in the stores. Slate tiles with colors like gold and orange reminds us of Hawaii designs. Traditional metal finishes, honeycomb flooring in shades of bronze highlight the traditional theme.
Luxury Master Bathroom
The room should be decorated with accessories that do not render a clumsy look to the interior. An over-sized ornate mirror defines a perfect traditional get up. The hallmark of the vintage design is an anaglypta wallpaper over the wall.
Luxury Bathroom with bathtub
To maintain the classic look, attach tin ceiling tiles. A traditional bungalow bathroom has wainscoting on the walls and wide moldings around the windows. Opt for floral prints, plain, or the scenery finish curtains. Huge satin curtains embellished with thread work make the area a royal place.
Other accessories include wall hangings and paintings that accentuate the traditional ambiance. For a tropical feel, you can wrap papyrus around the bathtubs, sinks, or the entrance. The Italian style puts more emphasis on floral arrangement, aromatic candles, and scents.
Materials and Fixatives
Modern Wooden Bathroom Bathtub
The fixatives should be neutral. You can install a pedestal sink or a free-standing sink. For a vintage feeling, opt for a claw-foot tub. You can decorate the window with plantation shutters or simple white wooden blinds.
Bright bathroom classic design
Porcelain is the perfect material for the sinks and tubs. Simple designs with marble, granite, and ceramic finish is ideal for renovating a small area. For an elegant feel, just opt for capiz shell lighting fixtures. You might also install a frosted wooden vessel sink.
Modern Style Bathroom
Given all, interior lighting is one of the most important aspects. Metal cased bulbs, lamps, and colorful wall lights can lighten up your mood while enjoying a bath.
These designs, though a contrasting feature in the present era, shall remain unique forever. The vintage designs and the ambiance is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Hygiene and cleanliness are the quintessential factors for maintenance.