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Toy Storage Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Jul 14, 2019
Have you ever thought of coming up with some innovative toy storage ideas to store your kids' toys instead of buying storage furniture specially for this purpose? Take a look at some handy and useful ideas for the same.
As we all know, kids must have toys to play with and keep them entertained. When these come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of them can't fit into regular boxes at the same time. While our kid is busy playing with them, we need to come up with some innovative storage ideas.
You can't keep buying new storage for the varying age of your children, so you have to find alternatives to fit in all their toys in required amount of space and in an organized manner. Given next are some simple ways to do so while he's busy finding out which one to play with!


One of the best ways to get all your kids' toys in one place, where it is easy to find and doesn't look messy, is to have kids toy organizers. They are nothing but shelves of wood or plastic with plastic boxes kept on each shelf to accommodate your child's toys.
They are very systematically arranged to give a neat and tidy look and can be kept in any desired room. The purpose of these organizers is to keep all the toys in one place so that they don't get misplaced and can be arranged in an ordered manner.

Plastic Storage

These are made of plastic and have racks with plastic basket shelves and set-up trays. They are mobile and can be moved from one room to another very easily as they are either on wheels or detachable.
Some ideas include plastic trunks which are big enough to accommodate almost all your kids' toys and can be kept for years. They are easy to move, as they come with wheels and look neat when well placed.

Wooden Storage

If you want to get a toy storage made or have it match your home interiors, a wooden one is the best choice. It is very convenient to clean and looks good with any kind of furniture.
You can make wooden lockers where you can adjust all the toys in closed shelves, as they won't look shabby and unorganized.
You can also have open cabinets where they can be easily accessible for your children. Wooden drawers under the bed or inside the wardrobe can also be another option.

Inexpensive Storage Ideas

Many times, if you don't want to spend a lot trying to accommodate a whole wooden or plastic chest, you can use some cheap toy storage instead.

Canvas and Fabric Storage

Fabric or cotton storage bags are the easiest ways to store your child's toys. They are very easy to accommodate as well and do not take up much space. You can push them under the bed or keep them in the attic or in any other room of your choice. When they are zipped up, they don't look messy and can fit into the closet as well.
Canvas boxes are also easy ways to organize toys. If they have a lid, the boxes can be closed with the toys inside them. Fabric ones are also a good option, as they are easy to clean and maintain.

Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets are a great option for storage, as they conveniently keep all the toys in place. Those with odd shapes and sizes, you can use these baskets as they are spacious. You can also put them in any room you want to or slide it under the closet, to save space.
Weren't these some really useful ideas? You can come up with some of your own unique ones and save yourselves the time to clean up that extra mess.