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Top Bathroom Colors for 2019

Mamta Mule Feb 6, 2019
If a bathroom remodeling project is in your to-do list this year, then you must have an idea of the latest trends in bathroom colors and combinations, right? What are the colors that are going to be popularly used for jazzing up the bathing space this year? Are top bathroom colors of 2019 soft or flashy? Let's find out.
Gone are the days when having a mediocre bathroom was excusable. Now a bathroom space in any house or commercial setting demands a stylish theme or charming decor. Not just you, your guests will also enjoy an amazing bathing experience after you are done with revamping your bathroom.
However, you need to be careful when choosing the color for your bathroom, as a wrong one can easily dampen all your efforts for a relaxing bath retreat. Every year the color trends change according to fashion and mood of the public. You can also imbibe the latest bathroom color trends for fresh and updated look to your bathing space.

For Creating a Soft Ambience

Neutral Shades

Soft and sober colors are the top trends this year. Beiges, whites, taupe, soft pink shades gives a calm and cozy feel. Neutral shades are most popular as they offers you various options in terms of combos and contrasts.


Gray is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating color for your bathroom space. With a lovely monochromatic color scheme, you can have the best looking bathroom with a rich variety of shades.

Shades Of Blue

Soft blue is another shade that can be picked to color your bathroom. Soft blue and cream are other colors that can create a fresh, yet soothing bathroom space.

Shades of Green

Green can make your bathroom look fresh and rejuvenating. Combine it with yellow to enhance the way your bathroom looks.

For Creating a Lively Space

Every morning the ritual of bath is quite important for a good start of the day. And with today's work load a good bath becomes all the more imperative. Imagine waking up to a garish or boring color that does nothing good for your body and mind. That's why you should add a splash of bright shade to your bath space to bring about a refreshing ambiance.
Although the year is rule with light colors and soft ambience, there are a couple of lively colors that you can find. Make sure that the bright and funky shades are rightly equilibrium with neutral shades to avoid that flashy effect which is a strict 'no-no' for bathrooms.

Yellow Can Go Well On Bathroom Walls

Colors like yellow, purple or orange are the best picks for creating a lively bathing space. Pair yellow or purple with the light gray to give a plush finish to your bathroom.
To heighten the effect, opt for metallic gray or silver gray, and pair it with purple or bright yellow that is embellished with faux finish technique. Wooden piping will be an added highlight to the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

Dark Red For Bathroom Walls

Dark red can be paired with white or black. Get the red glass tiles to cover the walls and balance the effect with two walls covered with black tiles and add white accent pieces. Choose to have dual colored flooring to finish this grand looking bathroom.

Dark Colors

Create a soft ambiance by pairing dark colors like chocolate brown or dark gray with white. Keep the tiling in white and add wooden accents that have a natural wood finish.
Not just the paint colors, the tiles too play an important role in adding color to your bathroom. Patterned tiles that matches well with the painted walls is exactly what you need for renovating this space without spending too much.
Nowadays, you will also find a myriad of bathroom accessories and fixtures that can complement the color scheme of your bathroom. With an array of unexpected colors to choose from, you can surely create a contemporary and colorful bath retreat this year.