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Super-quick and Clever Tips to Redecorate Your Room Instantly

Tips to Redecorate Your Room Instantly
If relationships have the seven-year itch, home décor has the three-year itch. Even if you're not a slave to trends, it's common to grow bored with the look of your home. But don't go into debt over it! Just mix things up a bit with the stuff you have.
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Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018
Sleeping room
"I don't think people have enough fun with decorating. It doesn't always have to be so serious. Design isn't like marriage. You don't have to commit for life."
― Ross Cassidy
No matter how much money, blood, sweat, and tears you put into making your home the perfect sanctuary, you will eventually find yourself walking around staring at walls with a pensive expression on your face along with color swatches and Restoration Hardware catalogs clutched in your sweaty little fist.
You remember how satisfied, how happy you were when you karate-chopped the final throw pillow three years ago, but dangyou're tired of it already. Your bank account will throw a fit if you start over completely―you haven't even paid off the furniture yet―and the good folks at Visa are already giving you the side-eye as if they know what you're thinking.
But wait! You already have all this great stuff! Why not shop the house instead of the Internet to mix things up a bit? Given here are ideas that will get your aesthetic side all plummeted up for some serious redecoration around the house.
Ideas for an Instant Room Makeover
Antique Bird Cages for Lights
Place antique bird cages to instantly prep up your room's light setup.
Center Tables as Coffee Tavles
Place center tables beside a comfortable settee to be your coffee table.
Just a Colorful Sette
Shift your settee from the bedroom to the living room for the perfect warmth.
Green Study Table
... Because as Geoffrey Ross puts it, "Every room needs a slap in the face!" Let this be an inspirat.
Living room with Rose flower
Da Vinci says, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Taking a cue from it, keep pillows minim.
Bedroom with wicker basket
It is functionality when you use your treasured trunk and wicker basket in your bedroom.
Hall with plants
Use plants to give your room a breather―makes it fresh anyway.
Living room with placing posters
Do up your living room by placing posters strategically on the stairway.
Bedroom with suitcases
Use suitcases in your bedroom to store things away from view.
Creative wall in room
Use your artistic hand to create a simple wall mural in your room.
store toys, books in room
Use the shelves to store toys, books, and essentials in your room.
Reverse the Process
When you're doing a total redecoration, the common modus operandi is to find a large thing you love―whether it's a paint color, rug, couch, or whatever, and base the rest of the room around that. This time, you're going to start small. You're going to situate the tchotchkes and little things first, then go back and change the big stuff later if you have to.
You probably won't have to, but you may find yourself so inspired by your changes that you decide to go the whole hog. Whatever. This is about instant redecorating; we are not responsible for the sudden urge to rip up the carpet and install tray ceilings.
Start Small
Try rearranging the furniture that's already there. Remove a piece or two if the room feels crowded. It's amazing how different a room can feel when the sofa is moved from the west wall to the north wall.
Switch your wall art around. If you have picture frames on every available horizontal surface, hang 'em up! Either scatter them in odd places or try a large grouping as a focal point. It's okay if the frames don't match; that's totally a thing! Put away the throw blankets and maybe even remove a pillow or three from the couch. Take a step back and evaluate.
Shop the House
If you're still not satisfied, take a walk through the house and gather up bits and pieces of other rooms. There's no law that says that the green lamp in the bedroom must stay in the bedroom. Try it in the living room! Or that crystal bud vase you got as a wedding present that you never use; it would really class up the bathroom as a toothbrush holder.
The idea is to look at the things you already own in a new way. Try to step outside the realm of every day, and look at your belongings as if you were at an estate sale. You may find yourself appreciating a new beauty in the most mundane things you haven't even noticed in years.
Adjust the Lights
Lighting has a huge impact on the feel of a room. Put a lamp on a dimmer for a cozier feel, or switch to Reveal bulbs in a higher wattage to brighten up a room. The rule is to have 3 light sources: ambient, focal, and task. If the only lamp in the room is a torchiere, it's probably pretty dim. Grab a small lamp, and put it on the opposite side of the room.
On the other hand, there's no reason to have megawatt lighting in the bedroom; a couple of wall sconces is all you need to set the mood for sleepy time or romance. If you do your makeup in the bedroom, keep a stick-on light in the drawer with your makeup, except don't stick it; just pull it out when you need to be able to see.
Your house looks different now, doesn't it? You may have even discovered that the "art deco" from the dining room looks really great in the bedroom, and the French Provincial from the kitchen should really be transplanted to the guest bathroom. So, maybe a project has begun after all. But at least now you're inspired by your home, rather than bored with it.