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Must-read Tips That Help You Choose the Right Ottoman for Your Den

Tips to Choose the Right Ottoman
It can be understated or eye-catching; it can blend in or it can stand out. The ottoman is here to make a statement, and how! But how do you go about choosing the perfect one that does it all? Here's our guide.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Remember This
A tufted ottoman will catch more dust and collect more dirt than a flat one. If you must buy a tufted one, get one with a fabric that is easy to clean (such as microfiber).
The ottoman has now become a bare essential in home decorating, and it is no longer relegated to the mere task of serving as a footrest. From being an end table to a central coffee table, the ottoman has come a long way. What seems like such a basic piece of furniture can be quite multi-functional. It can serve a lot of purposes, but depending on what you are looking for, you may choose an ottoman with varied features. So, what goes into buying this fairly regular piece of furniture? Here's how to choose an ottoman.
How Will You Use it?
Purpose of the ottoman
An ottoman can be a footrest, it can be an extra seat when you have guests over, it can be a coffee table because you are done having the traditional type at home, and it can also come with a lot of storage space, which you can use to stash away all those unsightly things when you have a bunch of people coming over. What is your purpose for purchasing an ottoman? Is it a practical purpose, or do you just want one?
How Big Will it Be?
Ottoman sizes
The purpose will determine the size of the ottoman you choose. While you will need a fairly large one to use as a coffee table, even those used for seating may either be one huge ottoman or a bunch of several small ones, depending on the level of formality of your living room. As you can see, the large ottoman blends in well with the formal living room, whereas the smaller ones add a burst of color and lend a casual appearance to the other living room.
How Will it Look?
Ottoman styles
What decorating theme runs in the space you want to put the ottoman in? Is it modern, is it traditional, or is it eclectic? Are you looking to make the ottoman a part of the rest of the decor, or make a statement by having a piece that is different from the style of the rest of the furniture? Modern units are usually on stainless steel legs, and have a more sleek appearance. Traditional ones are more ornate, and may have more curves and intricate work. Maintaining such an ottoman can also be a little challenging, so find out what it takes to maintain one before buying it.
Ottoman shapes
The shape of an ottoman is purely a matter of personal choice, unless you are going to use it as a coffee table, in which case, you should choose a shape that is most conducive to the functions a coffee table fulfills. If it is a seat or a footrest, a round, rectangular, or even a triangular one will do. And if you want to add just a teeny-tiny dash of out-of-the-ordinary to your space, go for an ottoman in a quirky shape. Everyone is sure to love it!
What Material Do You Fancy?
Ottoman materials
Leather, velvet, cotton, brocade, linen, microfiber, and many other such fabrics can adorn your desired ottoman. The question is, which one can you maintain most easily? Do you have a lot of foot traffic at home? Do you entertain very often? Is your ottoman going to be subject to a lot of usage and potential spills? Microfiber that is easy to clean (and is perfect for a home with pets and kids) may be your best choice. But if it is for decorative purposes only, go all out to make a statement with different materials and fabrics.
Where Will it Be?
Ottoman location
If you decide to buy an ottoman for your bedroom and place it as shown in the image above, I am likely to presume that the ottoman will not be used as much as it would in the living room. So, it can have a richer fabric and a more delicate frame. Something that will be used more often will have to be much sturdier and more accommodating of the needs of that space.
All you have to do now is go check out the room you're going to put the ottoman in, decide on the appropriate spot (it could even be a decorative accessory under a window) and then use the guidelines above to go pick the right one.
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